Getting started with Fable and Fable Elmish

Just a quick post mainly so I can stop searching for these commands in the Gitter channel. :-)


dotnet core < 2

dotnet new -i "Fable.Template.Elmish.React::*"

dotnet core 2+

dotnet new -i Fable.Template.Elmish.React

If you would prefer to just get started with Fable run this instead:

dotnet core < 2

dotnet new -i "Fable.Template::*"

dotnet core 2+

dotnet new -i Fable.Template

Create new project with:

dotnet new fable-elmish-react -n myproject

Restore dependencies and build

dotnet restore
dotnet fable npm-run start

Update 5/17/2017: While the steps above are still accurate. A change was made recently so that even though you are running dotnet restore, the packages are actually being handled by Paket. This change was made to take advantage of the .lock file provided by Paket to ensure we are all working with the same versions of dependencies.

With the “npm-run start” command above, you will get Hot Reloading, but not HMR. It serves files from memory using webpack-dev-server.

dotnet fable npm-run build 
Build for Production, puts files on disk using webpack.