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Fabrx Releases Widget for Price Notifications On LocalEthereum — Adding to Their Triggers and Events Infrastructure

Fabrx is excited to release price notifications on the LocalEthereum platform allowing its users to set triggers contingent on ETH price changes.

The widget allows for ETH price triggers to be based on the 24 Hour Average, 48 Hour Average, or 7 Day Average and can be broken down by country and the payment methods available for each specific region. Notifications are sent via email and will also include a link back to LocalEthereum for easy, secure transactions.

LocalEthereum Price Notifications Widget

LocalEthereum is working with Fabrx to release additional widgets including one that sends out notifications when an offer is available that matches specified criteria.

Fabrx is continuing its rampant charge to build blockchain’s IFTTT (if this, then that) infrastructure and they are excited to have LocalEthereum, the premier peer-to-peer ETH marketplace, as part of this journey.

LocalEthereum is a peer-to-peer marketplace where over 100,000 users worldwide buy and sell ETH. Users control their own wallets and transactions at all times, making it easier to convert their digital currency for fiat money. Every transaction is free of reckless custodians and middlemen and is completed end-to-end on an encrypted platform that is 100% transparent.

Sellers and buyers around the world can post offers to trade ETH through a wide range of payment methods. When a user responds to the offer, a peer-to-peer exchange is negotiated directly between the buyer and the seller. LocalEthereum doesn’t touch any funds and ETH is always owned and controlled directly by users.

Private keys are kept private and messages use end-to-end encryption allowing it to be a self-custodial decentralized web application that maintains the anonymity and decentrality of ETH and its buyers and sellers.

About Fabrx

Fabrx is a cloud platform for blockchain and consists of a tribe of builders, entrepreneurs, and growth hackers. They envision the digital future to be open to all and view developers as a crucial player in driving mainstream adoption of Web3 applications. The Fabrx Developer Platform is comprised of many cloud-based functions including enriched API access layers, point-and-click solutions, cross-chain cloud functions, and automated triggers and analysis.

Learn more by visiting the LocalEthereum website, Twitter or Telegram and interact with the Price Notifications Widget here.

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