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If Google SEO “rules” applied to Facebook…

Facebook’s PageMaster advice updated: Don’t be tempted by the (false) dark arts of FEO 

  1. Your content will be more visible around Facebook if it is more liked.
  2. The only allowed way to gain more Likes is to create awesome posts.
  3. You should not create posts just to get likes.
  4. Asking for likes is black-hat behaviour, because then the likes are not organic.
  5. If people like your page a lot, these could be spammy likes and you might have to find them and ask for forgiveness from Facebook using our Disavow Likes form.
  6. Maintaining a “list” of “friends” where people can click “links” from your profile to visit their profiles, indicates a highly suspicious pattern of trying to create patterns of approval where there may be no proven organic friendship in the eyes of the Facebook algorithm.
  7. If you like someone’s page, and that page or the user likes your page back, this is unnatural reciprocal liking.
  8. Your posts should only be relevant to your friends’ interests: however, you should not deliberately research their interests and unnaturally tailor your sharing.
  9. Posting public content — let alone promoting its visibility — is an unnatural practice, since your content cannot possibly be relevant for everyone. You should select your audience according to what you are posting. Directing content at particular audiences is also a form of unsolicited spamming and should be avoided in favour of making your content accessible to everyone.
  10. You should ensure all of your Facebook content is accessible for the Facebook spidering software to discover all of it: this now ncludes a recommended FaceSchemaTM in which you use a new type of xml to mark up extra meta data about demographics and private life information of friends and family. This and other technical factors can be learned from professional Facebook optimization agencies* for under $10,000 and implemented within your organization or personal facebook profile within a matter of weeks. Meanwhile you should ensure at all times that your content posting approach is 100% natural and only for human readers, and does not incorporate any aspects of professional optimization.
  11. *Facebook optimization, as a practice and as an industry, does not and cannot work because Facebook cannot be gamed, and there would be no value in trying to cheat anyway. If rumours of a sustained multi billion dollar optimization industry are true, then all of that must just be a placebo of people doing pointless stuff which doesn’t work. If Facebook catches you inorganically making enormous improvements to your performance by doing pointless stuff that doesn’t work, we will immediately make changes to the system to ensure the pointless stuff that doesn’t work, does not work any more, and stringently re-emphasise to the community that such practices did not and cannot ever work. Meanwhile we will keep an eye on you to check if you can help us discover more things that do not work, for us to improve the existing system, which is (and always was) perfect, and constantly improving.
  12. Sharing things or commenting on other people’s timelines or pages — so-called “guest Facebook posting” — is a no-no because it produces an unnatural link back to your own profile.
  13. Before posting or commenting, check your entire Facebook history to make sure what you are saying is completely original: this way you avoid possible duplicate content penalties. Which may or may not exist.
  14. It is very important to understand which of your content is attractive to readers and brings you more views for certain searches or interests. Important for Facebook to serve the best adverts, we mean. In order to facilitate this without compromising your approach to being organic, Facebook has implemented an industry leading level of security to ensure you that any analytics about this are “not provided”. (This information is, however, available for those paying for Facebook ads, because unlike for creating content, which is obviously easy and free to do, paying good money for clicks means you should know where to spend more money.)
  15. Facebook content from big brands has better brand recognition, so what you should do to rank better for your branded content, is to be a big brand which is already popular. Then Facebook will make sure you get more popular and people are not distracted by other things they mistakenly like.
  16. If a big, popular brand page likes and re-shares your content, this is a very strong indicator that Facebook should show this content as belonging to that brand and penalize you for copying it.
  17. Facebook is a great way to build up a small business and then have that business taken away by unilateral algorithm changes.
  18. We cannot confirm or deny that there are any special algorithmic factors in whether anybody sees your Facebook content. Just remember, create good quality cat slideshows and ensure you have more interesting life events: that should be enough.
  19. If you create really awesome evergreen, authority content in Facebook, then we’ll scrape that and serve it up to other users as Facebook’s own, so that users don’t need to go to the trouble of clicking through to find your page or profile.
  20. Don’t be tempted by black hat tactics for posting “like bait” other commercially unnatural content in Facebook, because that stuff won’t work and never has done. By the way, here’s one weird trick to get rid of belly fat, and the no.1 weird trick this ordinary stay at home mom used to make a million dollars using Facebook optimization. Also, finding it hard to get your content seen in Facebook? Click here to find out how any ordinary person can boost their Facebook content’s visibility for as little just $500 a day.

Thank you for reading another #ranticle from @georgebaily

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