Oleg Illarionov
Dec 16, 2018 · 2 min read
FaceCat app mockup

Privacy and data hygiene have been one of the most discussable topics for the past year. People became obsessed with this problem, and so did we. Plus, for us it’s personal. We are a team of ex-VK «Russian Facebook» engineers from St. Petersburg, which is known as the motherland of Russian hackers. Here, data privacy is more than just a question of ethics. Modern Russian laws let court jail you for several years as a result of a religious joke or political criticism, even a repost in social network counts! In 2017 there were 461 lawsuits in Russia that were related to posting something on social media.

That’s why we were full of motivation to bring something new to the communication field, to increase privacy and anonymity while keeping the social connections in place. Thus, FaceCat was born.

No real names. No photos. Nothing that could match you with a real person.

The only thing that we store after login and contacts sync is a bunch of encrypted hashes which are completely free of your identity. Everything else will be immediately deleted right after registration.

Instead of photos, we help users create personal cartoon avatars, and ask them to make up a pseudonym. That’s all, now you can easily create any posts, which also serve as open chats. Stay in touch with your phone contacts without disclosing who you are.

To bring anonymity to a new level we also added «Cats». When you create any post using a Cat avatar, it will be impossible to identify you by contact crossing (when a group of people who see your post check for mutual contacts). Our smart feed algorithm will show your post to a larger audience without identifying whether it was created by friend or friend of friend.

Despite our commitment to fight governmental surveillance and protect freedom of speech, ethically inappropriate content will be deleted.

The app is self-funded at the moment (VCs are welcome)

Feel free to contact us with any questions at

So.. Try it out


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