Faces of Patronus: The Good Samaritan

Most people who use Patronus as backup for emergencies want to be prepared to make a call in a moment of personal crisis. That’s why our default setting when you request help is to alert your emergency contacts with a map of where you called.

But we also make it easy to toggle the alert off, both generally in settings and, crucially, in the moment when you make a Patronus call. We want to make it easy to call not only in a personal emergency, but also as a bystander for another: a friend, family member, or even a stranger.

Recently shared with us was the story of a Good Samaritan who, upon seeing a car accident on the freeway during his family’s holiday travels, made a Patronus call to report the accident. With his sophisticated understanding of emergency call routing and its limitations, Connor trusted that Patronus would be his ally in getting those people help quickly — using the clever approach of giving the dispatcher his GPS coordinates.

Here, in his own words, is Connor’s story.

We have been traveling over the holidays and yesterday saw a car that was hit head on in Atlanta, being the interstate there are typically no accurate landmarks when you need them, but I was able to provide the police with the GPS coordinates in the app from exactly where we were and they were able to get help started!
The need for me to ever call 911 is rare and not a normal thing, but I feel so strongly in just having it available in case I ever (hopefully never) need to call.
Not only did it help us in helping give location to the police, but during the most recent Christmas tornadoes we experienced in the southeast, On My Way really helped my family feel much better being able to see our progress and know if we stopped traveling then to call us because something may be wrong. That really provided my mother comfort knowing she could “be with us.”
I’ve shared this app with all my friends and family and most of my family has subscribed or will be soon.
Thanks everyone at Patronus for providing a potentially life saving service that our antiquated 911 systems cannot yet!

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Faces of Patronus is a collection of experiences our community has shared with us. In this series, we shed light on individual stories to create a collage of how we stay safe and connected in the digital age.

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