A Pioneer Woman in Tech: Audrey Bellis & StartUp DTLA

Andrey Bellis is a Founder of StartUp DTLA in Los Angeles, California. She’s also solving Downtown LA’s office space problem as a cofounder at Grid110. When she’s not exploring her local community, she can be found blogging at The Times of Israel & Huffington Post Women.

What is StartUpDTLA?

StartUp DTLA is an emerging Marketing Agency driving community for downtown’s tech & creatives. We assist companies & creative entrepreneurs find office space, host a DTLA neighborhood wide central calendar of events, and are building the largest index of known tech companies in downtown.

Why you come up with this idea?

One of the challenges we have in the downtown is we don’t have a centralized community for startups. Everyone says they want to bring tech and creative into town but they act in silos. The goal of StartupDTLA is to centralize that. We make it easier to plug into the community, and faster.

How do you achieve that with StartupDTLA?

One of the ways we create community is through hosting meetup events in conjunction with other groups like DTLA Rendezvous and through our own in house event series: WorthyWomen (focused on female founders). Another way we do this is by having key people from each of those different silos as board members so we are not only sharing data with each other, we’re compiling it in one central place.

Besides works, what do you like to do in your spare time?

I love connecting people and bringing people together. Because of the nature of what I do, many of my evenings are spent at events or social house. The line between what I do for work and fun is heavily blurred because what I do, is an extension of my personality.

Your challenges being a woman in tech?

I’d probably say one of the biggest challenges we face is that we’re still differentiating “women in tech” from just “people in tech.” Coincidentally enough, for being a person in tech, I actually do very little “tech”. Much of what I do falls under community, social, marketing, and strategic partnerships.

What advice do you give to young girls out there?

I always tell people: “You can’t elevate your net worth until you elevate your self worth”. You need to believe that you deserve it and are coming from a place of knowing your worth. Recognizing that when you are of highest service to yourself, you can be of higher service to others. You can do anything you want whether it’s in tech or any other field, you just need to believe that you are worthy of it or you’ll never achieve it.

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