💎 Facet.new: Content-aware artboards, AI preset, dodge&burn and more

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4 min readJun 2, 2021


Amina El Kabbany
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Facet’s Professional and Teams plans are now free for the first week. Skip the waitlist and find out why thousands of creative professionals have come to rely on Facet for super fast ideation and scalable batch editing.

In the last month we released several major updates to Facet: content-aware artboards, AI Preset, dodge and burn, and transparent PNG export (just to name a few). Read more below!

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Sign up for Facet Pro today and claim your custom profile and sharing domain facet.ai/@you (normally for Teams only). Also get 50% off your subscription price, forever, after your first week free.

Content-Aware Artboards

We rolled out content-aware artboards to all users this week!

Artboards give you access to content in your fill layers and overlays, integrating seamlessly with automasking and patterns. Paste in masked image content, collage multiple assets together, then crop, rotate, and transform. Edit artboards in batch and compose multiple artboards to create endless variations.

Try out artboards in Facet.

Color Match with AI Preset

With Facet’s new AI Preset tool, you can have Facet “guess” the presets of any image you find. Just upload a reference image and let Facet do the rest for you — no more hunting through preset libraries or twiddling parameters.

Color Match AI Preset reads any adjustments the photographer used and then automatically creates a “preset” for you based on those presets. Say you uploaded a photo with a frosty, wintery feel; Facet lets you mimic the look with the click of a button — and apply your new preset to other photos as well. The effect is subtle, astounding, and impeccably photographic.

Read more about Color Match or try it out in Facet.

Dodge and Burn

Spot retouching tools in Facet let you make detailed corrections to your images directly on the canvas. You can lighten or darken specific areas of your image(s) using our new Dodge and Burn modes. These tools adjust exposure right where you want, rather than across an entire image or mask layer.

Start using Facet’s spot retouching tools today.

Transparent PNG Export

You can now export masked layers as transparent PNGs directly in Facet.

Transparent PNG export has been one of the most-asked for features in Facet. You export PNGs directly from Facet layer by layer, rather than exporting a full PSD. Simply right click on the “Original Image” layer, apply a background mask and then export the result as PNG.

Check out this pattern for an example.


Learn more about batch editing and the power of Facet patterns.

Watch an in-depth review of Facet by the folks at Filtergrade, and learn how to use LUTs more effectively from the experts.

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