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Elodie Chiper
London, UK

Dear Facet Community

It’s been a wild ride since we launched Facet for creative professionals and teams. Our team is incredibly excited to meet the demand for the freshest, highest-resolution renders any time day or night. We’ve loved hearing feedback from y’all — please keep it coming! We’ve just embarked on a long roadmap for AI-assistive creative work and we’ve got a lot to learn and explore.

In today’s update, tons of new features springing from conversations with and feedback from users like you. We’re announcing on-canvas commenting, content-aware lookup tables, enterprise team / permissions management, and a new notification center. Plus performance improvements and bug-fixes, giving you the smoothest, most collaborative editing experience possible.

And we’re cooking up a ton more stuff this summer that we can’t wait to show you!

As a reminder, by creating a paid account today, you’ll get to claim your custom profile and sharing domain facet.ai/@you and you.facet.ai (normally a teams / enterprise feature), as well as 50% off your subscription price, forever.

Content-Aware LUTs

Introducing content-aware LUTs (aka Look Up Tables) in Facet. In your workspace, LUTs allow you to easily build reusable presets and seamlessly color grade images with consistency and accuracy. We’ve partnered with Filtergrade to bring the power of Facet to the vibrant world of LUTs and technical color grading. Facet’s AI-powered auto-masking makes LUTs even more powerful with one-click foreground/background, skin tone, or clothing masks.

Whether you’re using LUTs to create a mood for a single photo, perform batch edits, practice color grading, or develop your own style, Facet’s unique setup will help you perfect your pixels with way less effort than existing editing tools.

Read more about our approach to color grading and how LUTs can be used hand-in-hand with content-aware image editing.

Sign up for Facet today to get access to 100s of built-in LUTs.

On-canvas Commenting

Facet now lets you bring collaborators and trusted creative peers inside the editor itself. Facet commenting helps you get on the same page (or in our case, get on the same Facet pattern), with threaded conversations embedded within the work. New comment pins let you leave comments directly on the image so you can be specific about what set of pixels, region, or subject you are referencing. When a reviewer says to “make that part moodier,” you’ll know exactly which part of the image they’re referring to. And now, instead of exporting image files and attaching them to emails accompanied by long notes, you can share your Facet pattern link and annotate directly on the image.

Learn more about on-canvas commenting in this post, or try it out in Facet today.

Automask in Action

Our mission with Facet is to eliminate the cumbersome tools that stand in the way of your creativity. One of the first features you’ll encounter in Facet is AI-powered automasking: Facet automatically generates the most relevant masks for your image — subjects, foregrounds, backgrounds, and more.

Read more about masking in Facet here.

Notification Center, Teams Admin and More

Visit your new notification center to keep track of status updates from your collaborators as well as new Facet features rolling out weekly.

We’ve completed rolling out administration features for teams and enterprise customers. Add and remove users in your Facet team, and set roles, permissions, and more. Teams also have unlimited access to the Facet render API — and priority support.

Have a Facet account and want to try out Teams? Upgrade here.

What’s next? We’re about to launch a sharp new AI preset feature for cloning presets from existing images.The results are uncanny, so stay tuned. We’re also putting the finishing touches on our long-awaited artboards feature Soon you’ll be able to composite and collage multiple images with underlying content masks and edits. We had to rebuild our entire rendering stack for this feature — and the results are worth it. Finally, we’re hard at work on new community features to bring y’all closer together.

Facet is Hiring

Facet💎 is hiring for two new engineering roles!

Come work with our incredible team on the future of photorealistic editing tools. Why choose one hard problem when you can tackle cutting-edge AI, rendering, and webdev challenges all at once?

Frontend/Product Eng: Build core product features / workflows and help us make working with AI more legible and intuitive for 1000s of professional creatives. (stack notes: typescript/wasm/webgl/rust)

Backend Eng: Build high-throughput, horizontally-scalable image rendering and low-latency deep-learning model inference. Remember: creative work == “creative” API usage patterns. We need your help. (stack notes: typescript/rust/pytorch/tensorflow)

Bonus: We’re also hiring for graphics, computer vision, and a bunch more. Check out https://facet.ai/jobs

URM? From a nontraditional background? Don’t think your resume “fits in” with the allbirds-and-patagonia crowd? Then *please* apply. We’re consciously building products for people who are not like us and we want you on board. Don’t see yourself in *any* of these roles but still really excited about Facet? Drop us a line at hi@facet.ai — we’ve got a ton more opportunities brewing.

Facet Spotlight: Elodie Chiper

Soviet Pink
Elodie Chiper
London, UK

Elodie Chiper is a theatre designer, visual artist, and film & TV art director based in London. Check out more of her work at elodiechiper.com

“The speed and quality of your workflow is enhanced by Facet’s technology. It seems to meet you halfway throughout editing, boosting your creative process.”

East Block Afternoon
Elodie Chiper
London, UK

PS(st): 100 more free accounts dropping here: https://facet.new/427 (it’s a secret!).

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