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Seriously though…trying to find a photo for trust and collaboration is an extreme exercise in futility. Apparently, trust means “white dudes shaking hands” or “tiny baby hand grasping an adult’s finger.” We need to fix trust and do more collaboration if for no other reason than to make better stock photography available. Maybe that could be a new revenue stream…(PS, this image is from Adobe Stock)

How can collaboration help build trust in journalism?

Some thoughts on trust and collaboration

Partners over Parachutes

Connecting with Community Spaces

Levels of Accountability

Journalists as Facilitators



Facet is the infrastructure that empowers newsrooms to manage the logistics of creating, editing and distributing content, managing projects and facilitating collaborative relationships.

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Heather Bryant

Deputy Director of Product @NewsCatalyst. Founder of @ProjectFacet, supporting effective, meaningful collaboration. The future of journalism is collaborative.