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Faceter CEO Open Letter To Faceter Supporters

Hi everyone! Almost every day I receive a lot of personal messages from our contributors with questions regarding the listing, selection of exchange, tokens’ unlock, deadlines, etc. Obviously, not everyone understands what is going at every moment in time and what does a listing process mean. Therefore, I decided to clarify the situation personally to remove any misunderstandings while calmly deciding on pertinent decision for further actions.

Like all diligent and purposeful projects, we applied for listing on several exchanges at once. It was even during our Token Sale. So, many exchanges very positively evaluated our project and achievements within the framework of a Token Sale. However, almost none of the trading platforms wanted to be the first. On the one hand, representatives of exchanges can be understood — new projects always mean risks. Especially in such a depressed market situation as we have seen for most of 2018. On a positive note, HitBTC has seen the value in our project and happy to be the first; so we are grateful to them because this is our first listing, which will allow us to move forward. Huge thank you out to HitBTC.

We know and appreciate both the positive and negative feedback against this exchange because we have learnt quite a lot about every exchange before applying. So we are familiar with all the pitfalls. However, we want our project to succeed, the Token Sale and listing are just the beginning of our great journey. Believe me, if we decided to be listed on HitBTC, this is the BEST possible way for the project in the mid-term and long-term perspectives.

And in response to all controversies saying that HitBTC affects the token, I can say only two things. Firstly, any token is affected by products’ both well and orderly planned development, utilization and the market (meaning all of you). Users buy and sell tokens, influence and form the market. Therefore, a token largely depends on the community. I assure you that we have more positive things to surprise you with — technical updates, partnerships, agreements, etc. And secondly, Golem, Steem, Dentacoin, Nani and dozens of excellent projects are traded on HitBTC, so we are very pleased to join them!

As for the unlocking of tokens before the listing on HitBTC, this is a requirement of the exchange, not in our will. They need to check the transfer of tokens. Right now, before HitBTC, you have an opportunity to trade FACE on IDEX — we don’t affect the price and it rises or falls. Also, we can’t place a starting price because it is a decentralized exchange.

Concerning reasons to set up a listing on HitBTC for the 25th of May, we spent many hours studying statistics on our contributors, including the geography of users, so we clearly understand that someone is already very satisfied with the ability to start trading on IDEX and HitBTC. I can also note that if you are a reasonable contributor, then you realize that the situation is promising and we are moving in the right direction. The tokens are unlocked, the listing on HitBTC will be tomorrow — the process has started.

Of course, some may be concerned and aggrieved by the situation on the market, but such course fluctuations are pretty routine for today, that’s why we should not be nervous. Just wait for the market to recover.

In conclusion, I am forced to repeat that we certainly do not intend to stop only on one exchange. All projects meet the market progressively. If there is no convenient exchange for you on our list, this doesn’t mean that this will be your only option forever. Thousands of contributors from Japan, Vietnam, Russia, Germany, Brazil and a number of other countries believe in our project. We will provide convenient options for everyone. The announcement of the next listing will be very soon.

Due to the certain rules of exchanges, we are unable to disclose any details. Moreover, we will know the date just a little bit earlier than you. Therefore, as soon as we receive a “green light” and NDA permits us — we will immediately share the news with you.

Even if the conditions are not ideal for you right now, this is a great time to celebrate as the long await for listing is finally coming to an end. This is just the beginning! Stay tuned — the summer promises to be extremely interesting!



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