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First Survey Results

Faceter is more than just a team of developers, marketers and managers. Faceter is an idea of a decentralized technology that exists because of thousands of people. At this stage already, tens of thousands of contributors believed in our idea. In the future, hundreds of thousands (or maybe millions) will become part of our network — miners, camera owners and tenants, private and corporate clients and many others.

We want to thank all our thousands of volunteers who participated in our survey. Your feedback has helped us to better understand your needs. This survey shows the opinion of our contributors. 98.6% of the respondents confirmed that they participated in the tokensale. Below are the results of the survey.

How did you find out about Faceter project?

Majority of our contributors heard about the Faceter project from internet advertising (37.5%) or from public discussions and private blogs (39.25%). Taking this into account, the marketing department earned its keep for a good reason;)

Special thanks to those who found time to share about Faceter to their friends and colleagues. More than 14% of respondents found out about the project from their friends.

Only 9% of the respondents found out about our project from the media. We would like to ask you some questions about the mass media, but we will leave it for the next surveys.

What attracts you to the Faceter project?

We inspired by the fact that your reasons for joining our project are very logical and close to us — 41% of voters pointed that the main reason of the attractiveness of the project is “Solving the real-world problem with blockchain”. To be fair, we are proud of ourselves that we are not yet another “logistic blockchain solution”, and we also want to change what the future will look like — the prevention of crimes, fires and other emergency situations, the protection of your home, the simplification of the networking and dating process, making smart-home really “Smart” and much more.

In addition, 13.5% of respondents are also interested in the availability of MVP, and a few dozen more people wrote us that these two points are equally important for them. We will continue to support you with any news about the development process of the project.

38% of the total number of votes is for the future potential of the Faceter token. And here again, we are not going to fail you. We are aimed at listing on all popular exchanges as soon as they give us a green light. We are sure that with your support it will not take long. That is why the next few listings have already been planned for the summer.

How will you manage your FACE tokens?

Only 4% of respondents want to sell the token on the nearest listing. Already on the 25th of May you will have such an opportunity!

About 8.5% decided to sell the tokens on a convenient exchange. For you we also have good news. The listing process will start in time, according to the results of the voting within the community. The process of intervening a token on other exchanges now is only a matter of concluding a series of agreements and a pinch of time. We seriously intend to present the FACE token on all popular platforms. We are sure your exchange is also on this list.

51% of respondents intend to store the token indefinitely, and almost 36% are going to keep the token until the release of the commercial version of the product. For this 87% we happy to announce that we will soon share our achievements in machine learning and on a regular basis begin to tell what exactly our developers are busy with. We believe that it will be interesting and add a lot of positive emotions to everyone. And also we just want to brag a little ;)!

And finally, you appreciated our work and your impression of the project in 7.6 points.

There are two things to say about this:

1. Thanks to everyone who supported us, helped our managers to answer the questions of the newcomers, who was generous when it was necessary and who helps us to stay positive! Thank you, you are really awesome community!

2. After these exiting months of work, there’s still room for growth in our business. You left us more than 500 comments (!!!) about what would be missing and what we could improve. It will be a huge job to analyze all this information, make a plan and implement the best ideas, but we are excited about everything because it will be really enjoyable and impressive. We will definitely achieve a minimum of nine stars from you! :)

See you soon!
Your Faceter Team



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