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Stage 1 Faceter Fog Release: Share Your GPU And Get Rewarded With Face

It is the end of December and everyone wants Christmas and New Year’s presents. Our team has prepared one for you, as we promised you before and we are excited to announce it today!

With your help, we have successfully passed the Community Preview version tests, fixed all known bugs, gathered reports on user navigation and usability of our interface, software compatibility with your hardware and now are ready to launch the fully functional and ready to download, Faceter Fog client.

What is Stage 1 Version?

The main purpose of Stage 1 Version release is to give miners the ability to empower the mass market with a powerful fully functional and deployable Faceter Fog client which provides facial recognition and age detection, supports multiple cameras, integrates with Faceter CCTV Apps and utilizes tokens as a means of payment for miners’ computational capacities.

This version is an intermediate between the clients who need video recognition services and miners who are ready to provide power capacities for this analysis.

For the sake of transparent and instant communication between the home/business owners and miners, we have created the computing power exchange, where miners can register their nodes and set the price for 1 min of video analysis.

How to use the Fog?

Clients instruction:

  1. Connect your cameras to Faceter using a mobile App.
  2. To manage cameras, enter your account in your browser at https://cloud.faceter.cam/public/signin/.

3. In the settings section, select the face recognition control panel.

4. Top up your balance with Face tokens on the exchange to pay miners services.

5. Choose a camera you want to activate facial recognition on and choose a suitable miners’ offer to proceed.

6. In several minutes after facial recognition is activation, you will see in your account an icon showing facial recognition is ongoing. Right now this option is only available in your web account. We are working to add it into mobile applications as well :).

Miners instruction:

  1. Register using an email address and confirm registration following the link in your email.

2. Install the Faceter Fog Client on your hardware. Full instructions can be found at GitHub. Every node will be given an ID and a key.

3. During installation, you need to specify your account Fogger ID and Node ID. If everything is done correctly your node will appear in the list on the website.

4. Set up an order with a price for 1 min of video analysis.

How does it work?

When a client and a miner creates a contract between each other, Faceter will use the miner’s computing power to run the neural networks in order to detect and recognize faces. Now anonymous persons’ identifiers become a part of your video archive in the Faceter Cloud and they are available to view, name along with other options. For calculations and analytics, a miner will be credited FACE tokens which one can withdraw for electricity fees and node maintenance. Clients are happy having their video analytics, miners are happy being paid and Faceter is happy for implementing its mission of affordable facial recognition for all.

At this stage, the quality of miner’s recognition services is not analyzed by the computing exchange but part of our development of our fog video surveillance technology and thus new features will be coming soon at Stage 2. Stay tuned!

How do I contact you?

We have a 24/7 Telegram Chat to communicate with our clients and miners. Here you can chat, ask us questions or share your suggestions with the team on Faceter fog client, its installation and launch. Also, you can always write to us on Facebook or email support@faceter.io.

We have more exciting product news to come!

Know the people around you,

Faceter Team



Сomputer vision surveillance technology powered by fog network of miners

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Faceter Fog

Сomputer vision surveillance technology powered by fog network of miners