Tech Update #4

Hello, everyone!

We have prepared again an update and exciting news for you about how Faceter software development is proceeding. Today, we will tell you how things are going in Android development, explain new functionality and show you a few fresh screenshots.

Debugging Before the Launch

Since the project is gradually approaching the stage of the first public release, we are increasingly focusing on the sustainability and the correct work of the application. If the last time we talked about a biggish list of bugs that had been fixed, then this time we have reworked the layout of both mobile applications. The new version became much lighter. It allowed us to increase applications’ effectiveness on all devices. Also, we simplified the interface. So as the test results show, the app is more intuitive now. Very soon, you will be able to test our achievements by yourself!

Android-Version Is On Board!

We are happy to announce that, as we assumed earlier, the Android-development team has overtaken the iOS team, and the recognition technology has started to work in the Android-version of the application. Yes, we still have a lot of work and tests to do, but another big target is behind.

New Features: Video Data Saving and ID Signing

There is a new function of playing the saved video in the web version and both mobile applications. Moreover, if the video was not saved for whatever reason, Faceter will notify you and even name the cause or error. By the way, as for the “missing fragments error” — if you have an original idea on the “screensaver” for the situation when the video has not been saved (poor connection, cut a piece, etc.), then please share it with us and the community. Use the hashtag #backout_faceter on social media — we will be very thankful for all your outstanding ideas. Please, do not offer an image of the girl from “The Ring” movie!

Besides, Faceter has one more important function — now, you can sign recognized people according to their names/nicknames from the profile if a camera has caught them. Being able to determine intruders is much more convenient!

New Screenshots

Finally, we are very excited to show you several new application screenshots. Do you have any comments on this? Then please do not hesitate to share them with us — as long as the development is in the process, we are particularly interested in what you are thinking about our project!

That’s all for now. Before the next tech update, you will receive a very important piece of news that will cheer you up and will not leave anyone indifferent. What is it exactly? Let’s say, there is a hint in the previous updates. However, it is not necessary to play detective — there is very little time left!

See you in a couple of weeks.

Faceter team