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Predicting soil horizontal displacement by various disturbance factors during shield construction

ost current studies either ignored the influence of disturbance forces on the horizontal displacement of soil during shield construction, or simply assumed the disturbance forces as uniform distribution for calculation.

Read this open access paper on the FACETS website.

In the actual construction process, the disturbance forces such as additional thrust, friction force and grouting pressure show uneven distribution due to the influence of different construction factors.

Based on the Mindlin solution, this paper considers the influence of factors such as the non-uniform distribution of the additional thrust of the cutter head due to the lateral earth pressure of the stratum during shield excavation, the non-uniform distribution of shield shell friction due to the soil softening and slurry spreading, and the non-uniform distribution of grouting pressure due to the grout diffusion on the horizontal displacement of soil.

The existing prediction formula is modified and verified by engineering examples.

Read the paper — Prediction method of soil horizontal displacement caused by non-uniform distribution of disturbance force in shield construction by Bao-xin Jia, Zong-xian Gao, and Hong-yan Hua.



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