Top 10 FR Solutions for business

Jun 5, 2019 · 5 min read

As the hottest technological topic this year, facial recognition (FR) has been a controversial matter, garnering questions about its scientific use, the interest of government security services and how it could be used illicitly. However, those important questions aside, we want to look at it from another way by sharing the top-10 facial recognition solutions for business.

1. Blacklists

First of all, facial recognition technology can be used to prevent ineligible people from entering a store or business, which we have made possible by using blacklists. The reason why this is number one is because it is the main security feature — and is probably the first thought that comes to mind when people hear about facial recognition.

This will help prevent fraud and repeated theft, and through facial recognition technology, it will be easier to catch criminals who illegal enter a certain premise or area, thereby improving security and cost savings for businesses.

2. Face+ID

The only thing preventing a self-service model for many industries is the inability to verify the age of the customer, as well as verifying the ownership of any document provided by the person filling out the questionnaire or any other registration form.

But a feature of facial recognition that opens up opportunities for businesses to sell certain goods or services restricted by age — something that they have yet to achieve — is the ability to identify someone’s face, cross-reference it with that person’s photo on a document (such as a driver’s license or passport) and the decode the relevant information from the document fields (i.e., the person’s age, name or address). This service could be used for products ranging from financial services with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements to something as simple as a vending machine.

3. Access Control

Accessing a restricted place by using a personal key card is not so safe anymore. For example, employees could give their cards to third parties or to colleagues to check them in at the work place, while getting a coffee outside the office. Also, magnetic key cards are not very hard to copy/falsify, allowing unwanted guests to enter without many problems.

Access control to specific areas or a staff zone can be granted by the following algorithms:
• By face
• By face + personal key

Therefore, you can be sure that only authorized people can enter (e.g., staff or VIP guests).

4. Payments

Over the last few years, payment methods have been changed a lot — such as PayPass, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, and Google Pay — and no one aspect of our daily routine can be said to have changed more from these innovatives. And now, artificial intelligence technology has come to the field as well.

Just imagine your face becoming a payment method. No phones, no cards, no carrying cash in your pockets. This is already totally changing the reality of consumption.

Cards can be stolen or lost, cash can be eaten by dogs, crypto… well, we won’t even go there. But if your face is linked to your bank account or any other payment method, you can be sure that nothing will happen.

5. Sales Control

The system of еmployee evaluations has never been so clear. All sales can be linked to each sales assistant by using facial recognition, which will help to prevent fraud and make an efficient bonus system program for employees.

6. A/B Testing
Are you sure that you know your customers well? About their preferences? Where does they usually in your store/business? Each and every single one of them?

By enabling emotional identification, you can easily proceed with A/B testing. Because sometimes, it is not about the goods that are on the shelves, but the type of light, background music and staff uniforms that can totally change the atmosphere — and thus, influence sales.

7. Personal Ads and Promos

By knowing who your customer is, you can prepare personalized offers based on invisible loyalty programs, customize advertising for each face in a target group, or even create personal advertisements.

Marketing and advertising have never been so accurate and valid. Just imagine you come to an ads board and you see the special offers that are collected based on your preferences and needs. Who is it cooler for: you (i.e., the business) or the customer?

8. Motion Maps

No other marketing tool can be as accurate as live motion maps that include all demographic data (i.e., age/sex/mood). You can see how much time your customer spends at the shop or exhibition — even how long they stay near each stand or in each zone. You can even see the percentage of the unique visitors and loyal customers. Our business intelligence dashboards show accurate information about customer flows — on specific days or periods.

9. Service Quality Control

The identification of emotions helps to understand how customers feel about their interactions with employees and the quality of the services provided. This lets you get real numbers for how your staff members affect sales.

10. Staff Management

If you ask how staff management could be improved, here is one of the tools of facial recognition: By monitoring the entrances and exits of a store/facility, you can know the real amount of time you employee spends at work — and even what his/her mood is at the beginning and the end of the day.

A video identification platform with additional business logic settings will help you control the availability of personnel in certain areas. You can monitor how much time your personnel spends on “coffee breaks” and at their working place.

In order to better understand why businesses have not yet implemented facial recognition solutions, we created a survey. We found that, first of all, there is a misunderstanding of the methods of application (42%); next, there is lack of understanding about the capabilities of facial recognition (39%)l and finally, there is a lack of sufficient skills to implement the technology (29%). According to analysts, the use of facial recognition in business processes will become more noticeable when the technology industry will be able to give clearer answers to these questions.

Facial Recognition

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Facial Recognition

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