Collective Mind Networks in Action Session Notes

On Equity in Community Networks

Networks in Action is a new monthly session series organised by Collective Mind, having had the pleasure of attending past session series last year I was intrigued about the new series and I must say it did not disappoint.

Equity is a hot topic in all the communities I am involved in, with the rise of awareness and the internal work being done to examine the why around lack of diversity, lack of empowerment, representation and attention drawn on voices left unheard it…




A dialogue in facilitating conversations that move, make, and inspire our systems, ecology and humans at large. Facilitation as an essential skill for everyone, to bring into our day to day interactions and in all aspects of life.

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Aimee Fenech

Aimee Fenech

#permaculture practitioner, teacher and designer, co-founder of #ecohackerfarm, writer, project manager and activist get in touch

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