Design Supplies: Dose #4

01. Design camera

Drag. Drop. Present.

Design Camera is an app for your Mac that lets you create, capture, and animate 3D mockups for your digital designs in a matter of seconds.

See how it works, and join the beta test like designers from companies like Shopify, Google, Starbucks, Uber, Sketch, and Dropbox.

02. Blobmaker

Blobmaker is a simple web app that lets you create, tweak and download organic svg shapes in just a few seconds. Organic blob shapes have been trending in web design for a while. Making them can be a bit of a pain though. Enter Blobmaker, a simple tool to make lots of beautiful SVG blobs easily.

03. If modern internet companies existed in 1970s — early 1990s

Retro style animated intros for today’s modern internet companies a homage to the great work of sullivan & marks, Robert Abel & associates, Computer Image Corporation and various other Early CG/Scanimate companies.

04. Tab keeper and Workona

We all work in the browser, but it was never built for work. These extensions can help you get your tabs under control to increase productivity, reduce stress, and bring focus to your work.

Tab Keeper is an extension which allows you to quickly save your browser’s open tabs in order to open them all later. Also you can try Workona, more complex option of tab managing.

05. UI Sounds by

Free resource by great design blog. Search and listen to sounds from popular apps, choose by different categories. Explore sound designers interviews. Learning resources coming soon.

06. Stay In

I am sure it happened to you at least once; the scenario is different, but we all end up with the same plot twist — 45 minutes of infinite scroll, drama/action/romance/thriller confusion, seen-not seen. And it’s Friday night. And the baby will be awake any time soon. And one of you goes to work tomorrow. And you are losing your temper. And he/she is getting frustrated. And the popcorns have popped 10 sentences ago. And yup, the baby is awake…

StayIn is a free app that will recommend a perfect movie for your mood :)

07. This next year

This Next Year is a site where you create a letter to yourself through answering a series of questions — particularly how you plan on growing within the next year. The answers provided are then sent back to you in a form of a letter in 365 days — hopefully you’ll be a few steps closer to your goals!

Submissions will be open until January 14 — The site & web experience is available year round!

08. The history of everything

he History of Everything is a vertical timeline that allows you to navigate, explore, and compare events from the Big Bang to the birth of the Internet. Events are beautifully illustrated and animated.

The concept for this app was inspired by the Kurzgesagt video, Time: The History & Future of Everything.

09. Shaking stories

Shaking Stories is a fun app that lets you create magic stories using your imagination both at home and in the classroom. What can I do with it? You can create more than 20,000 different stories by shaking the device and share them with the world.

You can create your own stories or read and create magic stories using story maker. Just shake the device and see.

10. Tech events 2019 is a directory of tech conferences happening around the world. Select a country, followed by a month to filter through the list.

With love, Kate.