Top 5 crucial reasons to choose Cloud IoT platform

Sancia Catherine
Apr 29, 2020 · 5 min read
Cloud IoT platform.

Internet of things is a technology that has been in the limelight for a while now. But, do you know what serves as the crux of an IoT ecosystem that helps its functioning in entirety? What makes IoT an efficient solution? An IoT platform stands as the crux of the IoT ecosystem. It is the IoT platform that enables collection of remote data at real-time with the help of sensors and sustains control of connected devices within an IoT ecosystem. An IoT platform is one that performs the task of an intermediary allowing communication between devices, gathering real-time data, transferring the same to readable stats and coordinate a blend of services / devices to make a completely workable IoT based solution.

There has been steady progress and research in the field of IoT on how it can better provide solutions to many. In line with the progressive nature of technological research, Cloud computing is entering the IoT solutions thereby providing advanced services that enable enterprises and various consumers to optimize their potential in performance. Let’s explore the nuances and features of cloud IoT platforms that make it the best in market.

What is an IoT cloud platform?

With Internet of Things cloud solution, cloud computing emerges as latest innovation. IoT cloud platforms have now started to work on cloud computing principles as well. Cloud based IoT platforms are budget friendly in the long run, offering greater security, real-time data portability, advanced disaster recovery solutions and the list goes on.

IoT cloud platforms, introduce flexibility in businesses and in turn eases investment on IT infrastructure, server setups, over-head maintenance costs and omit risks of failure. Today, the market offers two options; one being an expensive, risk oriented and vulnerable infrastructure or opting a cost-effective, efficient, risk averse IoT cloud solutions. The latter obviously offers a feasible on board service with impactful / game changing solutions. Clearly, IoT cloud platform providers are the ones we need to choose. Explore features that distinguish IoT cloud platforms!

Features of IoT cloud platforms:

Data portability As a result of cloud storage and processing IoT cloud platforms open doors to access real-time data anytime with no distance constraints. Constant data updates are made a reality to consumers. Data portability is crucial in the process of sustaining connected devices, acquiring real-time insights, applying data analytics to process the same and update customers continuously. IoT cloud platform offers high end features that provide end to end solutions that help to organize, manage and execute actions in accordance to acquired real-time data that restores and pushes enterprise success.

Higher scalability Scaling up on an on-premise network infrastructures requires purchase of more hardware, establishing labour expertise and time coupled with a multiple configurations that dictate its unimpeded functioning. As opposed to this nature of on premise infrastructures, IoT cloud based platforms offer higher scalability with addition of updates / resources by leasing another virtual server or expanding cloud storage space; both of which can be easily accomplished. As a flexible solution, IoT cloud platform offers choices on expansion and cut of enabled devices making it customer friendly. Therefore, it is observed that IoT cloud platforms come with higher scalability.

Cost-friendly Huge upfront costs along with greater implementation risks with in house Internet of Things (IoT) is an ordeal. As an additional unpleasing deal, stands the pressure of investments on hardware maintenance and IT personnel with the required skill set. On the contrary to such seemingly inevitable risks is the cloud based IoT platforms. Cloud IoT ecosystems with supported cloud platforms offer lower upfront costs and flexible pricing schemes. These pricing schemes take into account the actual usage of IoT facilities with the kind of ownership purchased as well. This mechanism omits, additional expenses that in house IoT systems may generate coupled with higher risks of hardware failures that go unnoticed. Increased reliability with reduced costs.

Strengthened security Security over the internet has always been an issue of immediate concern. As a result, with every progress in technology, data security is sought after to optimize utility of available features. Cloud IoT platforms, data security agreements are signed by both parties (service provider / clients) for capturing and processing real-time data that assures transparency in protection of data within the cloud. IoT cloud platforms are reflections of stronger security as the onus of its protection rests upon platform providers as much as clients, themselves. Constant firmware updates along with uninterrupted monitoring updates that certain IoT cloud platforms offer imply the strengthened security features and encryption made available that otherwise on premise IoT systems fail to offer.

Market time optimization IoT cloud solutions consume less time and cuts investment on its management significantly at the cost of platform customization. Though in-house IoT systems adapt well to ongoing and upcoming projects at a firm, an undeniable fact remains with the aspect of time consumption in data management and analysis along with required updates to be performed upon existing company network structures due to data traffic. This issue hinders the impact a firm can create in the market at any given time. It could also lead to delay in achieving marketing goals. IoT cloud based platform ignite automation that saves time and is ready to market firm products, thereby optimizing market time and achieving the best.


With all of the above mentioned features and many more trivial technical advancements that come with cloud IoT platforms, it is a wise choice to opt for a cloud IoT platform provider. Some of the key providers of cloud based IoT platforms are Azure, IBM, Fogwing, Cisco, AWS and so on. You can avail the best IoT cloud platforms at rational prices and brilliant features to upscale your enterprise goals.

Factana’s Fogwing cloud IoT platform is a marvel that can be accessed at a reasonable price. Fogwing is engineered with features to empower customers of various sectors to digitize and upgrade maintenance standards to reach echelons of success in the days to come. Make sure you connect and explore in detail what best suits your business along with the customer success team of Factana.

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