NewsEye Conference: “The Case for Magazines” Links & Resources

This page is provided as a supplement to the “Lightning” panel, ‘The Case for Magazines’, presented at the NewsEye International Conference, “What’s Past Is Prologue” (#WPIP), 16–17 March 2021.

The links and resources below are provided as supplementary material to the “Lightning” panel presentation at the NewsEye “What’s Past Is Prologue” conference. The panel was hosted by Citizen Scientists, Jim Salmons and Timlynn Babitsky with guest Citizen Historian and prodigious magazine collectors, Steven Lomazow and James Hyman.

The Citizen Scientist Perspective

In order to provide as much time as possible for Dr. Lomazow and James Hyman during our 15-minute panel presentation, Jim wrote a long-form article to frame the challenges for Digital Humanities researchers working on layout recognition of the complex document structures of magazines. This article gives specific examples highlighting Jim and Timlynn’s research in the development of the MAGAZINEgts ground truth storage format and its use of PRESSoo Issuing Rules to illuminate magazine document structures.

Additional resources related to Jim and Timlynn’s research include:

The Citizen Historian Perspective

Dr. Steven Lomazow: His collection is considered the definitive archive of the history of American magazines. To learn more about him and his collection see:

You will find much more information about Steven, including links to his YouTube videos on his website linked in the first bullet above.

James Hyman: A UK-based media industry-insider, James founded The Hyman Archive in 2011 and quickly built it through near obsessive locating and collecting which has earned him the Guinness World Record for ‘Largest Collection of Magazines’. He has since rebranded the archive as HYMAG which has become an invaluable resource for creatives and academics.

  • The website. Hyman’s huge collection is largely not digitized for online consumption… yet. The current site gives you a good taste of what an arranged visit to the archive would be like. His attendance at the NewsEye conference is part of his current effort to find funding and technical research partners to bring as much of his collection online as possible.
  • Purgatory for Print, an online PDF of the New York Times feature article from 25 January 2018.
  • Cover to Cover, feature profile in the July 2019 issue of High Life magazine.
  • HYMAG: ITV News 14 October 2020. This is just one of the recent videos you will find links to on the HYMAG website.
  • The Save HYMAG World’s Largest Collection Of Magazines campaign on website. Given the immense size of James’ physical magazine collection, it will take an massive physical and technical effort to digitize it for online sharing. Go here to learn how you can help.




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