Strategic Decision-Making in the Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry the ability to bring new drugs into the market consistently is a central issue to remain competitive and maintain economic sustainability. Several challenges arise during this phase, and companies are typically faced with a twofold problem:

i.ensure a sound portfolio management in the development pipeline
ii. guarantee efficient process design and planning decisions during the clinical trials, in order to enhance R&D productivity and deliver medical drugs faster and more efficiently

The implementation of efficient strategic decisions, such as process design and capacity investment under uncertainty, is therefore critical for the pharmaceutical industry. This study proposes a multi-objective approach to obtain strategic design decisions that maximize productivity, while considering the decision-maker preferences.

The developed approach clearly identifies the process designs and production capacities that maximize productivity as well as the most promising solutions region for investment. Moreover, a good balance between investment and capacity allocation is suggested.

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The industries of the future must be driven by the constant evolution of their processes and factories, and by the sustainability of operations along the entire supply chain.

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Samuel Moniz

Samuel Moniz is Professor in Industrial Engineering and Management. He specializes in solving real-world optimization problems.