BFW X Kestin Hare

For those who’ve read our storybook, you’ll know our workshop is relatively small. Small enough to replicate and fit inside a shop.

Earlier this year, we teamed up with menswear designer Kestin Hare to develop an in-store display for both of his UK menswear outlets. With one store in Edinburgh and one in Shoreditch — London, we set ourselves a brief to create a walk-in display that mimicked the Banton Frameworks workshop.

Whilst there are many eyewear brands out there, we pride ourselves on our unique ability of in-house, UK based manufacture. Whilst our workspace might be small, our dream is big; to grow and to become the leading manufacturer of eyewear in the UK. To celebrate our ambition and story, Hare and his retail team accommodated our “workshop inside a shop” concept.

In the usual Banton Frameworks fashion, we designed and built the installation ourselves to replicate the small shed-unit in which we hand make our frames. 30mm square pine beams conjoin via a bespoke bracket system.

​These white brackets enable suitable strength to create a ‘wireframe house’ effect. This approach eliminated the need for cumbersome cross-members, thus harmonising with the store’s spaciousness. To create the walk-in experience, we simulated a full-height door through which customers can access our sunglasses and spectacle frames.

The display will initially take place in the Shoreditch store with the intention of relocating to the Leith store later this summer (2108).

If you’re in the Shoreditch area, we suggest you make a visit to Kestin Hare, Rivington Street in Shoreditch to experience our recent retail project. There, you can find an array of menswear clothing in what is a well-executed range of UK men’s fashion design, apparel and accessories.


42–44 Rivington St, London EC2A 3QP