Lose the fear of starting a new sketchbook.


There’s nothing quite like a new sketchbook.

Nostalgic notions of going back to school come to mind. Those fresh white pages await you and for designers and doodlers, it’s something we all get to experience once every few months or so (depending on how big your handwriting is).

But for some, the idea of a starting a new sketchbook is a daunting prospect. Some call it perfectionism, others call it procrastination, new-notebook-fear really is a thing.


Fear of disturbing those blank white pages or not knowing where to start is a real hold-back. We frequently see these perfect concept sketches online and on social media. These immaculate, perfectly proportioned, clean lines and concentric circles. It's easy to see why casual idea-sketching isn’t quite so casual…

In a previous Medium post, we wrote about this reluctance and how simple tools such as the Rotio compass can liberate your sketching fears.

Interestingly, the RIP notebook by Eric Primo has set out to combat this fear.

Each of these otherwise average A5 notebooks have been dip-sealed in different colours of latex paint. By gripping the string used to dip the notebook, the user has to literally RIP it open to break the latex seal. This ceremonial moment is designed to overcome the idea of pristine preservation by leaving you with torn paint and messy uneven edges. Most pleasingly of all, each of the RIP notebooks are all hand-dipped in-house by Eric Primo himself.

The nostalgic poster-paint colours remind you of simpler times. A time when starting a new notebook wasn’t perhaps such a cause for hesitation and angst.

Tearing RIP open seems like a brutal baptism, but right from the start it initiates you with your new unsexy sketchbook. Tarnished and a little imperfect from the moment you tear it open, RIP is ready to use and hopefully will cure you of any reservations you may have on your creative journey.

RIP can be bought directly from the Eric Primo website. There you can discover more of his creative-domestic projects and explore his raw and honest design approach.


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