Made in UK clothes: 12 brands you didn’t know about.

“Made in the UK”. It’s catching on… again.

For UK based manufacturers, this is great news as more than half of UK consumers would reportedly rather buy from a local brand.

“Over half (55%) of U.K respondents prefer buying local brands because they support local businesses (which can help the economy), while 41% say local brands are usually more trustworthy and 36% say local brands are more attuned to their personal needs/tastes.” | Neilson.

Great, but who are the brands that make their clothes here?

You won’t find them on the high street that’s for sure, so instead, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite brands. Some you might never have heard of.

These are just a handful of the incredible companies out there whose clothes are made here either by themselves or via nearby factories.



Established in 1956, Peregrine are a modern-contemporary clothing brand based in the Montpelier central trading estate of Bristol. The production of their fine garments takes place in Manchester, focusing on waterproof waxed cotton jackets and merino wool knitwear for both men and women.

With a large range of garments ranging from jackets, shirts, gilets and knitwear accessories, Peregrine opt for an understated aesthetic for their collections. These adaptable garments are designed to be worn in various contexts whether in the city or further afield. Head over to Peregrine to discover their UK made articles.


Intrinsic to their garments and accessories throughout, Mamnick is a lifestyle and accessories brand based in Sheffield. Working closely with the surrounding network of still-operational factories, Mamnick produces their collections of high-quality clothing and accessories for the “independently minded”.

With an avid social following, Mamnick proudly represents their home region of Sheffield and the clothes they still so gladly make.


We couldn’t leave ourselves out this list. As one of the very few spectacle manufacturers operating in the UK, we design and manufacture our acetate spectacles and sunglasses from our own production facility in the outskirts of Glasgow. Opting for an understated aesthetic across our unisex eyewear collections, our design approach is inspired by the UK optical boom of the mid-century.

Explore our sunglasses


Synonymous for its high-quality knitwear worldwide, Scotland has long been at the epicentre for fine wool and textile design. Knitwear accessories brand Green Thomas have artfully interpreted this national tradition in their modern-contemporary collections of unisex scarves, shawls and hats. Utilising vibrant colour and restrained geometric patterns, their woollen articles are equally as warm as they are statement pieces.


Influenced by the post-war boom in 1940’s America, Sunspel’s John Hill spotted an opportunity for a new type of underwear he could introduce into the UK; the boxer short. Adapting the original American design, Sunspel proceeded to perfect their version of the garment and began to produce what became one of many of their successfully staple UK made clothing. To this day, their range of men’s and women’s underwear is made in Long Eaton — Derbyshire from their premium comfortable cotton. Perhaps the finest example of made in UK clothes.


Carry-solution brand Trakke are based in the Finnieston area of Glasgow. Primarily, they focusing on handmade waxed cotton backpacks and messenger bags for the modern adventurer. They also produce a series of Ronaldsy wool hats made from the hardy sheep of the northernmost island of Orkney, Scotland. On an unusual diet of seaweed, the island’s sheep are hand-sheared to produce an insular wool, thermally comparable to that of the better known alternative Merino.


Following in his cobbler-father’s footsteps, Norman Walsh established his own shoe brand and production factory in 1961. Initially making a diverse range of influential sports shoes, Walsh have since diversified into the fashion sector as one of two operational UK trainer manufacturers. Working alongside labels such as Sunspel, Marks and Spencer’s, Paul Smith, Fred Perry and Margaret Howell, Walsh Footwear continues to produce their training shoes for men and women from their Bolton based factory.


Arguably, merino sheep produce the most organically superior wool. With superb thermal qualities and soft texture, it’s no wonder that McNair uses it to make their range of mountain-shirts. Utilising the wool’s incredible breathability, McNair’s mission is to design and make the world’s best mountain shirt.

With the help of nearby specialists, the wool is sheared and woven before being stitched and finished by McNair in their mill-based studio. The entirety of their shirts calls upon a ten-mile radius of tradition and skill to produce their fine shirts. McNair shirts are a rare story of independent production in the heart of the UK’s textile region of Huddersfield.


Utilising a network of factories and specialists up and down the UK, Alice Made This produce carefully considered accessories from silver, steel, brass, gold and ceramic. With ranges for both men and women, their collections consist of cufflinks, bracelets, lapel pins, rings and more. Pure and contemporary, their precision-made items are interestingly made from industrial processes usually reserved for the aerospace industry. Utilising such simple geometry allow the precious metals and materials to translate their inherent properties in what is a unique collection of UK made accessories.


What began as workhorse bridle making in the 1880’s has since developed into a leather-goods range of belts, bags and sporrans. Based in Johnstone Scotland, McRostie specialises in handmaking men’s and women’s leather goods to a pristine standard.


Tucked away in the heart of Manchester, Private White VC is a high quality, premium clothing manufacturer. Standing three stories tall on the bank of the river Irwell, the factory has produced more than 3million garments over the past century. Their collections consist of men and women’s clothing, ranging from jackets, overshirts, footwear and knitwear. These are available online or by appointment via their factory-shop on the ground floor. There you can explore their garments and clothes made here in UK.


Situated in the Welsh town of Cardigan, Hiut Denim was initiated by the strewn skill of a previously flourishing jeans making super force. A region that once hosted a weekly production of 35,000 pairs of jeans week, Cardigan was home the largest jean making factory in the UK. In 2001 this all stopped, casting aside generations of skill and knowledge leaving the Welsh workers without jobs. In the wake of this catastrophic blow, Hiut Denim had been born. Ver recently, they’ve moved back into their old factory and they arguably make some the best jeans money can buy.