Rotio® Compass

If your’e studying or have studied any sort of creative course, the chances are, you’ll have drawn something at some point.

Some courses teach it, some don’t, but sketching can communicate far more than just an idea or concept; it’s a universal language.

When it comes to putting pen to paper, it’s safe to say we’ve all come up against ‘the fear’. It’s that commitment of laying down irreversible ink that leave us open to judgement post-sketch. For some, it’s a real hold-back and discourages creativity and self-expression. It’s the designers equivalent of writers block and can really impede concept generation. We’ve all been there…

Excitingly, we came across Rotio®, a modified, contemporary version of the good old-fashioned compass.

In this fantastic reinterpretation, a singular section of aluminium has been machined into a pivotal ‘arm’. Along the body, equidistant holes are incrementally spaced for placing various sizes of pen-tip.

For operation, the user traditionally holds the pen for superior control compared to that of the classic compass design. Interestingly, this feature is easier for less dextrous users such as children.

The circular centre pivot houses a cartridge bearing. This allows a smooth arcing motion for the user when drawing and undoubtedly, a therapeutic drawing experience. Underneath the hollow bearing, a rubber ‘O’ ring grips the paper, alleviating the need for the sharp ‘point’. This omits any puncture holes in your drawing leaving it mark-free.

To discover more about Rotio®, head over to their website using the handle below.


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