Shoes made from chewing gum.

Nasty white and pink speckles.

Freshly stuck, or indeed spat, onto pavements around the world, these second hand globules wait to be trodden upon or even worse, stuck to the sole of your shoes. Gum litter is an ugly problem for almost every city but recently, it’s had a bit of a kicking.

Meet “Gumshoe”.

Made with a new hardy type of rubber called GUMTEC, this pioneering material is incredibly made of 20% recycled chewing gum. Developed by the ecologically focused material GUMDROP, the incredible compound has been used to make the soles of these new and pretty slick looking trainers.

Designed collaboratively been GUMDROP and Amsterdam fashion brand EXPLICIT, the trainers are offered in two, rather apt colourways. A bubblegum pink or a black version with red sole. Each version features a luxurious leather upper, the GUMTEC sole and reportedly, an inherent scent of bubble gum.

Annually, 1.5 million kilos of incorrectly disposed-of gum is removed from streets of Amsterdam. GUMDROP intend to utilise this unfortunate resource as way of making their GUMTEC soles whilst cleaning the streets of their home city.

With an RRP of £176.00, these trainers bring a cradle to cradle ideology to an unwavering urban issue.


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