Smart Scale Ruler

If you’ve read our storybook, you’ll know about our hatred for the imperial system.

It’s not a generational distaste. It’s just a complete mess.

To make things worse, there are young people out there, born after 1965, having never been taught in imperial, that have managed to adopt it to measure things in inches and weight themselves in pounds and stones. Need we continue?

Thanks to the Frenchman Gabriel Mouton, the decimal system was first proposed in 1670 and was finally introduced in the UK in 1965. Things took a while for this standard system of measurement to catch-on, but thankfully, the abundantly logical Metric system is here to stay.

For those who frolic with furlongs or estimate in inches, we send out our deepest sympathy in the form of our newest discovery; the Smart Scale ruler by Smart Scale.

Balancing digital, electrical and mechanical elements, Smart Scale launched their new ruler earlier this year in May 2018. Ruler come calculator, this clever instrument is intended to co-translate differing measurement units for engineers, designers and architects akin.

⦁ Programmable to custom scales, the ruler features a slide-scale nib and buttons to manually enter and measure blueprint sizing / ratios.
⦁ The convert function is a nifty imperial : metric calculator.

Successfully funded via crowdfunding in May/June this year, the Smart Scale is still in it’s early stages.

Like us, if you have a similar distaste for anything Imperial, we suggest you check out the Smart Scale via their website below.

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