TASSEL: Powerbank

Powerbanks, we’ve all seen them.

Those ugly boxes with their umbilical cables hooked up like a generator to their recipient smart-phones. They aren’t pretty and generally don’t have much appeal.

Proving that power can be pretty, is TASSEL; the fashion conscious powerbank.

Developed by the design trio Hyunsoo Choi, Jeong Kim & Joongho Choi, TASSEL is an aesthetically orientated charging station. Offered in several muted colourways, the almost body adorns only four LED lights in its uninterrupted exterior.

Connectivity? The name should surely give it away. Inspired by women’s handbags, the male & female USB ports are discreetly integrated into the unit’s tasselled handle. Devices can be connected either which way via the cleverly situated twin-port.

Until our devices can start taking care of themselves (in the battery department), it seems there is a prettier powerbank on the market.


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