How to Get What You Want

fafinder is great for discovering the latest offerings from our fantastic boutiques by scrolling through your feed. But did you know that fafinder can help you find exactly what you’re looking for?

Have you ever spotted a to-die-for outfit on your favourite celebrity, or stumbled upon the perfect weekend look on Instagram, with no clue where to find them? Never fear; fafinder is here! Simply hit the camera icon to start a fotocon (a photographic conversation), add the image of what you’re looking for, hit “Want”, and let the fafinder magic do the rest!

Put a want out in the world

Boutiques who have the item — or something similar — will reply to your post with an image, price, and available sizes. All boutique replies are displayed conveniently together, so you can easily compare all your options. Best of all, boutique replies are instantly shoppable, meaning you can buy these items directly through the app!

Boutiques respond with similar options — the hard part is picking which one you like best!

You’ll get a notification when there are responses to your want, and you can view your posts at any time by going to your profile.

So what are you waiting for? Get posting!

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