A tale of personalised package design


MONT5 is an online only luxury leather brand. MONT5 creates top of the line leather products without the luxury markup by taking the middleman out and connecting the craftsmen directly to the customers. MONT5 is named after the 5 highest mountains of Pakistan and aims to promote the country throughout its branding. MONT5 was launched on kickstarter in November 2015 and raised $42,000 in funding and this is the study of how MONT5 achieved that.


We wanted to use our kickstarter success to turn MONT5 into a successful brand. The most important thing for us was to get positive reviews from our customers. Everyone gets clothes all the time, not everyone talks about it.

We want to create a packaging experience, an unboxing experience worth talking about. It didn’t have to be great, useful or inspiring. It just had to be on the edge, something worth talking about.

So we get reviews from our backers.


  • Product Owner
  • User Experience Designer


  • We had 50% feedback response from the people who received the items.
  • We had videos of the unboxing.
  • We had 10% people send photos of the product to us.
  • Every product feedback mentioned the branding and the box.
Some of the inspiration for the materials, colors and boxing. Earthy, natural and personal.



These were the principles we stuck to while making the box.

  • Brown: This was a man’s jacket, the packaging had to be raw and earthy. So we went with recycled brown thick cardboard box to make it.
  • Minimum Branding: There were no explanations, no what’s inside the box and no labels. We wanted to build anticipation to open the box and see what’s in it.
  • Locally Sourced: All materials had to be locally sourced, nothing from china. We had things coming from all over Pakistan, finding the right people took significant time.
  • Recycled: Everything had to be made out of recycled materials.
  • Reusable: The main box was made with a carry handle and minimum branding. So it could be used easily.
User flow and initial design sketches for packaging elements
Design Diagrams of hangtags & labels — Designed with a focus that it’s not off the shelf this jacket is their jacket and will last them a lifetime.


How do you get someone to love your product without even seeing it? How do you get them to talk about it with their friends?

Put them in a great mood even before they see the product. So what makes people happy? FREEEEEBIEEEES!

So when you open the box you’re greeted by a layer of kraft paper envelopes none marked with what they are. I wanted everyone to feel like it’s Christmas and they are tearing things getting things out finding what’s what.

  • An exclusive leather key chain with kickstarter stats.
  • An exclusive branded leather wallet with kickstarter stats.
  • A certificate of lifetime warranty of the jacket.
  • A leather guide on how to maintain the jacket.
  • $50 coupon for next purchase.
  • $20 cash back on sharing a photo
  • A booklet about the brand and it’s values.

And all this is on a top layer of the box so the person must get these all out. Take out the top layer to get to the jacket.

The human touch: Handwritten and personalised packaging parts.


Each jacket that we make is exclusive, it’s made for that one person and only him. It’s not something off the rack. I wanted to reflect that in the packaging and the product itself. So this is what we did:

  • The jacket is wrapped like a gift complete with a card.
  • Before the jacket you have a handwritten thank you note.
  • A letter with your purchase details.
  • Unpack the jacket in the inner left side you have a label that says it’s exclusively made for you.
  • You have an embossing of your initials on the jacket.
  • You can have the buttons have your initials.
  • Inside the jacket it’s signed by the craftsman who made your jacket.
  • A tester leather patch and the standard tags all made out of thick craft paper in brown and white.


So you’ve taken out your jacket seen it, worn it, read all the stuff. Now under the jacket you see a branded dust cover bag to keep your jacket in and a poster of the place in Pakistan on which the jacket is based. Each jacket is named and created after a mountain or a valley, K2, Naltar, Rakaposhi.

Gift card, card envelope, cashback voucher


Each jacket came up with an exclusive coupon code which could be used on your next purchase or gifted to someone worth $50.

To incentivize feedback and have people engage with us on email we had a $20 cashback if you send us your photo wearing the jacket. From our previous experience if we engaged people on email and had a one to one chat that built a more strong relationship.

Packing the wallet gift box


  • For luxury / custom products packaging matters a lot. Even if you aren’t a luxury brand just improving on your packaging if you can afford it makes you stand out.
  • The personal little handwritten note goes a long way.
  • If you’re a small company don’t pretend to be big, be personal something large companies cannot afford and clients appreciate.
  • Work with a small printer manufacturer who understands what you need.
  • Get many prototypes made.
  • Everything in the end might not be perfect by the inch, when dealing with small producers. Have fault tolerance built in.
  • Keep margins for production delays and bad products that need to remade.
  • Before finalizing a size get rates of shipping on that box from your shipping company.
MONT5 booklet on the jacket making process and the craftsmen involved.
The mountains and glaciers on which the jackets names are based: Top Left: Baltoro, Naltar, Rakaposhi, Hispar