Faiā Announces New Blockchain Client: HandCash

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SINGAPORE, Singapore, August 22, 2019 — Faiabrand Pte Ltd. (the “Company”) is pleased to announce its latest collaborator and client: HandCash.

HandCash is a popular mobile-based Bitcoin (BSV) wallet that makes it as easy for users to send Bitcoin to someone as if they were handing cash. The founders, Alex Agut and Rafael Jimenez Seibane, like to describe it as the “Bitcoin wallet you can recommend.” According to the founders, HandCash was originally inspired by the Netflix series Black Mirror.

Since its inception in June, 2018, HandCash has grown from strength to strength in terms of user adoption within the BSV ecosystem. They have become the standard when it comes to design within the BSV ecosystem.

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User growth chart for HandCash since inception (with permission). Depicted above include: MAU (top), WAU (middle) and DAU (bottom).

Faiā vs the competition

HandCash shared what made them choose Faiā over other competitors:

We take branding very seriously, we think maybe more than the average company in this industry. We understand at this early stage that hiring software engineers is essential, but if we really want to stand out and communicate properly, we had to find the right “people-oriented” agency to partner with as early as possible.

The founders also shared what they were looking for specifically in terms of traits:

We were looking for someone who: understood our philosophy; used and liked our product; was run by a likable “people’s person”; understood or knew how key branding/communications worked; had knowledge of not just Bitcoin, but technology in general; never used the word “can’t” ; and had an agile way of working (i.e. always available). Faiā and their team ticked all those boxes.

HandCash is attempting to create a new category of product/ecosystem, so finding the right way to define that is essential to their success. They are excited to grow such young companies and brands together with Faiā. Alex Agut shared, “Self discovery is a thrilling process, and we can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!”

Faiā + HandCash — a match made in heaven

Photo by Yaoki LAI

Faiā will be assisting HandCash with their branding, marketing and social media management. Managing Director, George Siosi Samuels, shared his thoughts on the new collaboration:

Teaming up with HandCash is a match made in heaven. We’re huge advocates of their mobile app, admire their attention-to-detail when it comes to UX-design, and have been watching them since inception. As a community & tech company, we always look at balancing both the people and tech side, especially when it comes to selecting who we wish to work with. HandCash didn’t just tick our boxes, they transformed those boxes into something four-dimensional with such great founders at the helm. We look forward to lending our fire to their, in our opinion, already-successful venture — taking what they’ve already built, concentrating their efforts, and magnifying the right story even more so than they are currently.

However, HandCash is not just restricted to the Bitcoin wallets market. They also plan to build out an ecosystem with other products as part of the suite, which includes already existing products such as POP! by Handcash (a Point-of-Sale terminal solution).

Alex Agut shares, “The first thing we noticed about Bitcoin after having a few successful tech ventures previously was that it sucked and it was a very complicated and niche thing. It was obvious that the economic principles and technological design of the protocol were truly amazing, but it lacked a coherent ecosystem that wasn’t just easy to use, but meaningful to everyday people. We took the decision to build such an ecosystem, by bringing human design principles to Bitcoin. Instead of educating people into Bitcoin, we wanted to make it familiar and inspire others to take UX seriously. We love this tech too much to see it fail because it didn’t take into account we are building this for humans.”

And it is with that last comment that Faiā is most excited about partnering up with HandCash — as new technologies are being built at record pace, Faiā agrees that humans must never forget the other humans they are supposed to be building for.

To learn more about HandCash, click here.
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About Faiabrand Pte Ltd (Faiā)

Faiā is a Singaporean based management consultancy focused on helping growth-stage ventures build communities, improve productivity, and integrate emerging technologies such as Bitcoin.

NOTE: When we refer to Bitcoin, we are referring to BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision), not BTC. According to the Company, BSV is currently the only Bitcoin project that follows the original Satoshi Nakamoto white-paper, protocol and design.


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