VIDEO: The Growing “New Normal” in Prosecution

Four years ago, many thought of reform-minded elected prosecutors as a flash in the pan. Yet, what started out as a handful of change agents has grown into a movement and become the new normal in prosecution. Every year, more visionary leaders like Rachael Rollins, Larry Krasner, Eli Savit, Kim Gardner, and Deborah Gonzalez are running and winning on bold agendas that are grounded in empathy and evidence. These prosecutors and others like them are pushing for real reform — from policies that divert more people from the system, to decriminalizing substance use disorder and sex work, to bringing an end to the death penalty.

Moving change is anything but easy. And many status-quo forces seek to undermine long-needed reforms. But FJP has been there every step of the way to support these leaders in this vitally important work.

In this new video, elected prosecutors Marilyn Mosby, Chesa Boudin, and Parisa Dehghani-Tafti share their experience with being part of a network of leaders, and the impact these connections have had on them as they seek to change paradigms.

Members of the FJP network at the historic Selma bridge during a trip to civil rights sites in Alabama.

From identifying key experts, to sharing best practices, to facilitating national sign-on statements and amicus briefs, FJP stands with these visionary leaders and provides a much-needed support system so they can focus on what matters most: driving bold and lasting changes that create healthier, safer communities.



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Fair and Just Prosecution

Fair and Just Prosecution is a national network of elected prosecutors working towards common-sense, compassionate criminal justice reforms.