Self Care: Take A Moment to Stop Worrying About Student Debt and Treat Yourself

  1. Have A Solo Dance Party Because It’s Good for Your Brain and Makes You Happy

Studies show that dancing, more than exercise, can make you feel happier. When you get your heart rate goes up, you release endorphins in the brain, a chemical that when present, makes us feel happy and good. It also reduces levels of cortisol, the stress-inducing chemical. But there’s something about dancing to music that makes people less anxious. Syncing body movements to beats is therapeutic for everyone because humans like order and form.

Try dancing to loud music when opening bank statements for your student loans. It will help to make you less stressed and may even make you feel happier when dealing with student loans.

2. Binge Watch Your Favorite Netflix Show With No Regrets At All

Nothing feels better than curling on up on the couch with a pack of Oreos and watching, from start to finish, one of the plethora of great series’ offered on a your preferred streaming website — we are in the Golden Age of television, if you haven’t heard! T.V. binge-watching can take your mind off the stresses of being a college student burdened by student loans.

Commit to finishing that one show your friend keeps talking, rather than obsessively thinking about your student loan pay-back plan. You deserve time for mind, body and soul.

3. Calories Don’t Count When You’re Stressed

Things like bread and cheese are known to have therapeutic effects (I know from personal experience). I suggest during peak moments of debt stress, eat! Maybe even have a grilled cheese-off with friends or roommates and see who can make the best grilled cheese. Here’s a list of 67 recipes for some amazing and inventive grilled cheese sandwiches. I suggest experimenting with one…or three!

4. Take Baths, They Remedy Any Type of Stress!

Baths are incredibly relaxing. If you haven’t taken one or don’t usually make time for them, you’ve got to get on it! Learning to unlock the magic of a bath may help you to find the serenity and peace you need during bouts of student debt worries.

Set the scene: put on some candles and your favorite album. Then, make sure the temperature of the water is just right. You don’t need a bubble bath, but it definitely enhances the ultimate tub experience. If you don’t have any, just poor some body wash into the tub before turning on the water. Voila! Now sit back, relax and forget your worries.