Top 10 Reasons to do an Online Course 📝

A new academic year is around the corner and many students among you have questions like

  • How can I get ready job-ready while I’m studying in college?
  • Which subject should I apply for in college?
  • What are the kinds of topics I’ll be studying if I go for Electronics Engineering?
  • What is an international education experience like?

A lot of these questions can be answered by taking advantage of online courses on sites like provided in partnership with respected education companies like NIIT, English Edge and

Here are the top 10 reasons why everyone needs to be enrolled and studying through online courses:

1) Online courses to learn to speak English in the privacy of your home:

Not everyone is comfortable speaking in English. After all, it is a foreign language in most parts of the world. However, being able to speak English confidently and fluently has been linked with being able to get better job opportunities and that’s a great reason to improve your English-speaking skills. What better way to learn and practice your English than in the comfort and privacy of your own home? You can learn at your own pace and practice without feeling shy.

Check out these popular online courses from our partners English Edge and

2) Free online courses to gain technical skills to make you job-ready:

While a college degree looks impressive on your resume, you need to combine your degree with skills that companies are looking for. Companies today require all employees to have some basic technical skills such as a familiarity with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel. You can get skilled in these tools while you’re still in college for free through’s series of short Office Productivity Tools online courses covering Word, PowerPoint and Excel. All online courses are under 60 minutes.

Check out’s online courses:

3) Free online courses to gain soft skills to enter the workforce:

Alongside basic technical skills, you need to know how to apply for a job and be ready to face job interviews. Candidates who do well during job interviews are confident and communicate clearly about themselves, their knowledge and their reasons for applying for the job. Preparation is key to feeling confident. Fair and Lovely Foundation’s partner, English Edge has a series of courses that can help you apply for a job and be prepared for your job interviews.

Check out English Edge’s online courses below:

4) Join online courses to keep your skills up to date:

Anyone working as a doctor, software programmer or teacher knows how important it is to keep one’s technical knowledge and skills up to date. New knowledge is being generated so rapidly, it is our responsibility to keep ourselves updated so that we’re prescribing the latest treatment, using the latest software languages and teaching the latest concepts to our students.

With online courses, you don’t need to stop working or studying to upgrade your own skills. Instead, be smart and enroll in a course alongside and devote 1–2 hours a day to learning for the sake of your career. You can check out a variety of courses in Healthcare, Education, Software and 17 more subject areas through Fair and Lovely Foundation’s platform.

Here are some useful job-oriented free online courses :

5) Explore a new field of study through free online courses:

Every wanted to learn about Mass Communications, Psychology or Nutrition? Worried you won’t like it after you start? Free online courses are the fastest, most convenient and low cost way to learn about a field before applying for a course at a physical institute. Take advantage of Fair and Lovely Foundation’s wide range of courses across 20 subject areas to explore your interests in various fields. You can easily see what topics are covered and read about careers linked to that subject under the Career Guidance section of the site.

Check out these free online courses in hot new career fields:

6) Choose between subjects offered by free online courses:

Are you wondering which field is better for you? Human Resource Management or Marketing Management? Electronics engineering or Chemical Engineering? One of the easiest ways to find out is to enroll for a free online course via Fair and Lovely Foundation’s platform. Within a few modules, you should have the answer to what interests you and what you find boring.

Check out online courses in:

7) Earn additional certificates in online courses:

Today, there are several platforms that offer certification. Fair and Lovely Foundation’s partner offers certification from the world’s best institutes for a nominal fee. To get certificate you need to sign up for the Verified Certificate version of the course and pay a fee ranging from INR 1625 ($25) to INR 6500 ($100). If you do a series of courses in a related area, you could also be eligible for a Micro Masters. edX’s certificates are highly regarded by several employers including companies like Microsoft.

Check out the series of courses that make up a Micro Masters in UX Design offered by University of Michigan’s online course provider MichiganX via

8) Revise your concepts through online courses:

Even the best student needs to revise her concepts periodically - especially before exams or job interviews. Online courses and video lectures offer a good way to revise concepts because they get automatically saved to your account when you enroll into them. You can find the online courses you’ve enrolled in on My Career Manager on Fair and Lovely Foundation’s platform. You can choose to watch select modules and the videos can be forwarded or rewound to the specific point you need to revise. Best of all, the lecturer in the video will not mind!

Read a story about how Anugraha used’s course available through the Fair and Lovely Foundation platform to revise her concepts .

9) Get an international student experience with online courses:

Some of the world’s best universities are outside of South Asia. But you can get an experience close to that of a student at one of these universities by enrolling in an online course.

You will have the experience of watching the same lectures, participating in online discussions with classmates from around the world and have your queries answered by world class faculty members and teaching assistants. All of this, at less than 1/50th the cost of attending college abroad. What’s even better is that you can attend courses from multiple countries at the same time! Check out these courses from the world’s best universities available with, a Fair and Lovely Foundation partner.

10) Join online courses to learn for the love of learning:

Finally, online courses offer you a way to learn something you’ve always wanted to at your own convenience. A lot of people enjoy learning for the experience of gaining knowledge or mastery over a subject or just out of sheer curiosity. Check out some courses that cater to people wanting to expand their world and mind through interesting online courses.