Airbnb Hosting Fatigue: When Too Much Fun needs a Break.

“I just want to walk around our place naked sometimes…” — some special lady I may live with.

Indeed the lines between fun, money, space and privacy can blur at times across the Airbnb Hosting experience. My girl and I have been hosting for coming up to a year so whilst still young whipper snappers compared some truely veteran Hosts, we’ve both ran the full range of emotions and feel we can, at the best, discuss with a little authority a topic that hit’s home every now and then, namely Hosting Fatigue.

Hosting Fatigue is the mental state where you either as an individual or a couple think… bugger it, let’s block out a few weeks and take a break from being a busy BnB. It is important to frame our thoughts on Hosting Fatigue, namely we’re an Airbnb Hosting couple who share our space with our Guests.

Our point of view comes strictly from a Shared Listing perspective, we’ve met Hosts from across Melbourne at our Groups Meetups who rent their entire places out and whilst we have a huge amount of common ground I suspect we’d both define Hosting Fatigue differently given our objectives and interaction with our Guests differ a tidy amount.

We also get pretty involved with our Guests and really enjoy sharing our city, all kinds of drinks, occasional bad dancing and lots of fun moments. We really do have a great time with our Guests and the added bonus of hip pocket relief cannot be discounted. All that said, we’ve come up with a few thoughts for fellow Airbnb Hosts to avoid Hosting Fatigue:

  • Don’t Overstretch — Guests coming in, partying, playing and having a great time with you… Ace! Except you’ll need to get up for work in the morning. We live in St Kilda, Melbourne, AU a pretty fun part of the world so we do our best to temper our impulses to join our Guests out for dinner and drinks every other night. Do your best not to stretch the brain function and real world responsibilities too thin.
  • Never back to back Guests — Supremely important to your mental state, at all costs avoid taking back to back bookings. B2B bookings are the surest way for you to head down the fatigue path thanks largely to an ever revolving need to micromanage your home. Furthermore, B2B bookings add undue pressure to 2 different bookings with you as the Host sandwich.
  • Embrace living in Temporary Squalor — Take a break. Pretty sure most of us book a week or three off as needed and it’s the best way to refresh and get your BnB game back on track. In our experience these few weeks off involve a significant increase in general untidiness.. don’t let it get too out of hand but don’t sweat it too much.
  • Enslave your Guests — More a theory than anything we’ve put in practice to date but to me, it seems like the ultimate solution to Host Fatigue! Find your favourite Guests and lock them in, we have a perfectly good storage cage downstairs, quite dry and perfect for a potential BnB slave. You can still rent your place out whilst not having to worry about any of the cleaning, cooking or entertaining! ;)

Hosting Fatigue, not a killer by any means but definitely a quirk of the BnB Hosting reality we hadn’t expected or experienced. What do you do to avoid Hosting Fatigue? Do Hosts who let out entire listings feel similar or find things a little different? Keen to hear from you all.