Host Tip #3,245 — Airbnb Guests moving to your city.

As a Host, if you take a booking that is 7+ days, find out specifically why they are coming to your town or city.

If they’re relocating then DO NOT be surprised when they look to shorten a long term booking as they’ve found more permanent lodging. It was always going to be the natural result.

It’s your fault for not understanding their plans and communicating in a personal way.

Instead, once you discover they are a relocation Guest (single, couple or family), be proactive and talk them down to a maximum of 10 days (so your listing stays available) and as needed EXTEND the reservation for them, if you don’t have a follow up booking.

It puts you in the honest and supportive drivers seat rather than reacting to a cancellation request where everyone feels put out. You can really help them by explaining how the real estate market behaves locally too. 🏘

I’ve literally made friends with a knight’s table full of great people moving to Melbourne with this approach (developed over experience) where I managed expectations firmly for both parties.

It may seem overly prescriptive but it works. I hope that helps my other fine Airbnb Hosts make the right plan in the future.


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