Fairwai is now at Station F!

We are part of the 4th batch of the Founders Program.

Jan 22, 2019 · 2 min read

We’re happy to finally announce that Fairwai was selected to be a part of the founders program at StationF, the biggest campus in the world where we are now working from.

The program is designed for ambitious early-stage startups and gives us access to a large network of partners, ressources and perks. As part of the 4th Batch, we are excited to have the opportunity to keep building Fairwai in a community of inspiring entrepreneurs and founders. Station F is at the heart of the French startup ecosystem and there is nowhere we would rather be.

Being selected is also a feat we are very proud of as a team, especially considering the very challenging acceptance rate:

Now this of course is only the beginning, and over the next coming months at Station F we will be accelerating our growth and documenting our progress towards new objectives and milestones we’ve been working on, including:

  • Releasing our redesigned V1 (sneak peek here).
  • Offering our first integrations (CRM, billing, partnerships… stay tuned)
  • Introduce new features.

We’re excited and eager to share this incredible experience and our progress with you. Follow us here in our Medium Publication and on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook for regular updates, content and news. Founders Program Batch 4, here we come!

Source: Station F via Twitter

The Fairwai Team

Fairwai is the first messaging platform sales proposals. We publish content on Sales, Messaging, AI and the future of Business.


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