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/03 — Flocked for Your Tons of Thoughts

For couple of years, I’m a person who is typically typing and planning anything based on paper.

Yes, it is literally paper-based concept. Whenever bright ideas come out, there’s no other way but only jotting it down in my blank sheets of notes. It is helpful anyway, especially in a time when you need to freely write some rough concepts on the spot.

Old school works well, of course in some circumstances. Time flies until next few years I’ve just realized how to write it and connect the ideas fast to other social media apps without working twice. The other interesting is I found that it’s quite hard to set the caption on Instagram neatly, and I’m always asking how to make a beautiful yet simple caption writing on IG.

Thanks to google for providing millions of information about recent trends and technology. I finally found an apps named ‘Flocked’ from Google Play Store, download it easily, and voila! your ready-to-use apps for better caption writing is in your hand. Now, you don’t need to spend more time only for planning a caption. Let Flocked work for you as it is super simple and automatic to use.

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