More Fake News sausage

Fake news is a disease. The easiest symptom to spot is unnamed sources.

We could pick any Fake News outlet (The Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, etc.) but the Daily Beast supplies the perfect headline:

The backstory is that President Donald Trump fired FBI Director James Comey after receiving a 6-page memo from Attorney General Jeff Session and Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein outlining the irrevocable mistakes of Comey in the past year.

The Corporate Globalist Establishment Media™ wants to frame all Trump stories within a negative narrative. Rosenstein was only confirmed two weeks ago by the Democrat-stalled Congress, so claiming the new guy was outraged at Trump’s decision is low-hanging fruit.

And how do they pitch this fever dream?

Read that again.

What does that even mean?

Someone refuses to speak unless you promise not to reveal who they are, which means they are not held accountable for their words. How is that not gossip?

And how do they know their information?

The are “close” to the White House.

Does that mean they are a bitter sour-grapes out-of-work Democrat who used to be in the White House under Obama? That qualifies as close. Does that mean they are standing within a few blocks of the White House when they dish out their gossip? That qualifies as close.

It certainly means they are not currently in the White House. And therefore don’t actually know what they are talking about.

Some version of this story squirted like black ink from every rictus of the Corporate Globalist Establishment Media™ octopus.

The only problem is it isn’t true.

Asking the actual Assistant Attorney General himself might be a good place to start, but that would spoil the media’s dyspeptic yarn. Better to blatantly and blindly lie and hope no one holds them accountable. (Hint: no one does.)

Funny, when Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein was asked about the story…

…he flatly denied it.

There is no truth to the story that has dominated the Corporate Globalist Establishment Media™, which explains why the unnamed gossip at the source of it refuses to be identified.

And that is how you make Fake News sausage.