Employee monitoring: to do or not to do

Do you need to monitor your employees? Anyway, is it important?

Today’s companies of any size largely invest in securing their confidential data. This is not surprising because cyber threats evolve every day and their number grows dramatically. Moreover, they come in more and more sophisticated forms.

Most often companies buy licensed antiviruses, CCTV cameras, invest in firewalls, hardware and highly secured servers. But actually, at least 40% of data breaches occur within organizations and most of the cyber threats are posed by employees. And effective top managers and team leaders know it and actively monitor their employees in order to reveal low and high performers and see who of them waste working hours and company resources on private matters. It also gives an employer an opportunity to detect mistakes and errors during working day.

So, just some statistics from International Data Corporation: at least 30% of employees use Internet during working hours for personal not work-related issues. Moreover, 60% of online purchases are made during the working day and 31% of staff members regularly send sensitive corporate information by email.

In small organizations it is a lot easier to monitor employees’ activities. But what about large enterprises? The best solution here is to use employee monitoring software. Such software tracks day to day activities of an employee, monitors how much time he spends at work, his productivity and internet usage during work hours. While many employees think that employers are open in their distrust and that such monitoring violates their privacy rights almost all types of monitoring comes under the law. But have you ever thought that some employees’ actions may be committed unknowingly but (!) lead to severe consequences such as huge reputational damage and financial losses. That’s why employees must constantly be kept in check.

So why is employee monitoring software that good? DLP software may help to protect confidential corporate data and significantly improve productivity. Thanks to the newest technologies, companies can monitor almost all staff activity. Such activities include phone, email, internet and apps usage, keystroke logging, screenshots recording. Moreover, modern DLP solutions can capture business communication in social networks and messengers, track documents sent by means of internet and email and monitor cloud services. All data collected by DLP systems is presented in reports to the department heads which in turn can take immediate actions and prevent data loss or greatly mitigate the consequences if it has already occurred.

What are the main advantages of tracking employees?

While some employees consider such monitoring as unacceptable intervention in their private life and total mistrust, implementing monitoring software has multiple advantages both for employers and employees.

First and foremost, organizations monitor staff performance to determine how well each employee performs his tasks. If an employee works hard and performs his job scrupulously, an employer may increase his salary or give him bonuses. And vice versa, if an employee works not so efficiently, an employer may either help an employee work at full capacity or undertake strict measures in order to ensure this should never recur.

Time is money. With the help of monitoring software you can see the so-called cash leak in your company. Typical full-time employee has 8-hour work day. But he wastes at least 90 minutes. It is easy to calculate how much money you lose annually, and the more staff members you have, the heavier are financial losses.

Detecting mistakes and pitfalls is one more great advantage of monitoring systems. It gives an employer an opportunity to watch for mistakes during the workday and catch them before they get out of control. Having gathered evidence of the errors you may help an employee cut down on his mistakes in the future and show the ways of improvement.

Violation of corporate policy can also be monitored by means of DLP systems. Do remember that some employees may willingly break company rules so constant monitoring in this case is inevitable. Want to increase company productivity? You should closely monitor the way your employees spend their time at work. With the help of employee monitoring systems you can see employee’s Internet usage for personal aims and find how much time he spends on personal business. Employees who know they are being monitored more likely to work hard and perform their tasks well.

Maximum productivity at minimum cost is the universal goal of any business. Different employee monitoring software can be implemented for this purpose and investing in it is an essential step to be taken when it comes to securing confidential data from inside and outside cyber threats.

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