Information Security Jobs: 3 Emergent Positions for any Business

With the digitization of organizations across the board, the role of information security is growing relentlessly. This growth has led to the emergence of three new peculiar jobs in information security industry.

Modern technologies enable business strategies, transform companies’ products, channels and operations so tasks of information security are changing extensively. This area is expected to take a chief role and help companies understand the security implications of their digital strategies. Moreover, it should support technologies’ development and experimentation and govern more flexible project portfolio.

Digitization has led to some changes in information security staff structure and created the need for three new information security posts.

The first position is strategic consultant. Its emergence is connected with the expanded role of information security in advising business partners on strategy. It is getting more and more difficult to execute digital strategies securely and only under information security strict control potential vulnerabilities can be detected. According to data from CEB, a global best practice insights and technology company, 81% of CEO consider information security as the highest priority and review information security issues at almost every meeting.

It’s clear from all the mentioned above that information security should seek out professionals with advanced communication skills, intuition and deep understanding of business’ needs. Actually that’s why the role of strategic consultant is getting more and more popular. Strategic consultants should understand business models profoundly, have good industry knowledge and typical consulting skills including problem analysis and communications. Key duties of this kind of specialist are providing guidance on the entire ecosystem of security, information, threats and business trends to the higher management as well as advising on initiatives and promote new security products.

The second position is product security specialist/manager. Too destructive outcomes of cyber attacks have changed customer preferences lately. Take for example the latest trend such as network connectivity. This feature has generated such cyber incidents as remote car hacking and home security system takeover. In this regard, information security specialists must reduce the risk of costly breaches by checking that security measures are equal to customer requirements.

Product security specialist is responsible for designing and applying security measures in customer-facing services and this position is more spread in the consumer-and-product area. However, in other industries these specialists usually design capabilities for internal users and maintain security for operational technology.

If a job in product security management is interesting to you, you are to have a background in finance, market research, project development and management. In addition, strong competence in cyber security area will prove valuable.

The third recently introduced position is dedicated application developer. Companies more and more frequently adopt continuous solutions delivery approach which helps to take advantage of new technologies faster. Furthermore, modern advanced technologies provide application development teams with new tools and capabilities to reduce the cost and time of development as well as allow developers to create applications using building blocks.

With the help of automating information security governance the goal of delivering applications faster can be easily achieved. And that’s where dedicated application developers enter into action. Their main task is to make high-grade security the fastest and easiest option for developing teams by automating adherence to security policies and guidelines.

Successful dedicated application developers have a strong grounding in security issues and excellent skills in application development. Experience in developing APIs and microservices are equally essential for this professional. This position is a good opportunity for application developers to broaden their professional horizons and acquire new skills.

The role of information security is constantly expanding and its functions are growing larger and more varied. In this context, companies should understand the ongoing changes and developments in the business and threat environment if they want to hire a top-class specialist.