Guidelines for assignments


  • Assignments are due at midnight on the Thursday before each class.
    Each late day equals a 10% deduction
    Friday = -10%, Saturday = -20%, Sunday = -30%, Monday = -40%, Tuesday = -50% — latest day.
  • Weekly assignments are submitted through canvas


Plagiarism can be a serious issue in programming courses. In the context of this course, it is permissible to use pieces of code you find in the wild that suits your project under these circumstances:

You have checked the author’s permissions and their work is under either a creative commons, MIT, or similar license in which noncommercial use is permitted.


That you include CLEAR ATTRIBUTION of the code you incorporate from others as comments directly within your work. This includes to the extent available, the author’s name, the URL of the work, and MUST INCLUDE a sentence explaining the function of the code you utilized.



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