#198 Unbroken Princess (A Poetic Letter to Demi Lovato)

Demi album cover

Author’s Note: This poem was written in 2013 before Demi came out as non-binary. This is my personal note for Demi Lovato.

#198 Unbroken Princess
Dear Demi,
I hope you know God is using you in mighty ways
He is making the ashes of your past into a beautiful healing balm for your future
And mine too
An avid Disney collector, pianist, and singer for years
I went into the Disney Store
Looking for a few new treasures
And found “Skyscraper”, “Who Says”, Selena Gomez, and you
It was playing on the big T.V. back there
I just stopped and stared
And marveled at the instruments you ladies possess
And my own stupidity
For thinking the Disney Channel girls who sang
Were products of an autotune factory
I am sorry
I Googled you on my little flip phone
And in an instant, my heart broke
For us both
Just under a year earlier
God began showing me
I have an eating disorder, too
It’s called EDNOS
Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified
And that day
Before I ever told a soul
I made the decision
To go to my Nurse Practitioner
And get diagnosed
Because then I knew I wasn’t alone
I bought “Unbroken” soon afterward
And decided to go forward
With God, with recovery, and with life
Because it’s my life to live
And my Father can set me free
He created me and set me apart
PTSD, depression, self-harm, and EDNOS
Are no match for Him
Leave it to Jesus to
Fix a heart
I wrote an article about EDNOS
It’s published
And God’s calling me to psychology
So I can help others become whole
And rise like
From pits of Hell
And know God’s unending love
And that in His sight
Who they are is good enough
By the way, I have recovery tattoos on my wrists too
My wrists say
Beautiful Princess
That’s who I am
In the eyes of my King
It’s also the title of my favorite MercyMe song
And two of my poems
And it reminds me, no matter what
God will always love me
As if I was always
Stay Strong with the love of Christ,
Fallon Marie



This is my whole published portfolio to my knowledge. My name is Fallon. I’m a disabled professional writer, student, future therapist, cat mom activist, and poet. This portfolio has class assignments, previously published articles, poetry, & more. This will be updated continuall

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Fallon Marie

She/her ♿️🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈🤘🏻🦋✝️If you can’t stand up, stand out Writer, cat mom, future therapist, Disney nerd. advocate Hebrews 4:15-16.