#490 A Love Letter to Princess Leelah Alcorn

Selfie taken by Leelah

Author’s Note: This is a poem I wrote in 2015 upon hearing about the death of Leelah Alcorn.

#490 Love Letter for Princess Leelah Alcorn

After reading about the tragedy the Tumblr community and LGBT+ community experienced recently and seeing the outpouring of love, grief, and cries of injustice for her, I promised her I’d write.

#490 Love Letter for Princess Leelah Alcorn Jan. 2, 2015
Dearest Princess Leelah,
My name is Fallon.
And like many others in our brave LGBT+ community and around the world
My heart broke in two for you at the news of your tragic and untimely death
I am a bisexual Christian woman.
It angers me when people try to tell me that I must “overcome” or “fight” my bisexual feelings.
That my orientation is a choice or is sin
That bisexuality is merely a sexual act and not a legitimate orientation
Or assume that I’ll go about relationships a certain way due to my sexual orientation
My first crush on a female character happened at eight years old
Princess Jasmine from “Aladdin”
Around the same time, I had a crush on a boy at school
I was playfully teased about the boy
But no one noticed my enthusiasm for Jasmine
At twelve, I developed a crush on a dear friend I’d grown up singing with
I was confused and scared
Like you, I’d grown up in a Christian home and had been raised in church
I had been taught that anything outside of a heterosexual relationship was wrong and sinful
This particular interpretation of the Bible has never made sense to me.
At 14, I gave my life to Christ.
At 19, I heard the word “bisexual” and realized I wasn’t weird. There was a word for me.
Contrary to what I had thought, God did not condemn me of wrongdoing for my bisexual feelings
In fact, He never has.
It is my personal belief that my Heavenly Father created me this way.
I am so very sorry, darling Leelah
That you are being disrespected
Both in life and in death
I want you to know that your mother was right about one thing
God doesn’t make mistakes
He didn’t make a mistake when He made you, Princess.
You were beautiful
You were an eloquent writer.
Your life and death have a purpose, Leelah
Social media has shared your story over and over
News media are telling your story
You have a voice, love
Even in death, God has given you a voice
People are petitioning the government to enact “Leelah’s Law” and ban conversion therapy
You have a voice
Leelah, I am sad that you won’t live to see the progress made in our community
I am sad to know you’ll never get to be happy in your earthly body
I’m sad you’ll never graduate high school or college
I could easily see you being a reporter on LGBT+ issues had you gotten the opportunity
I’m sad you’ll never realize that God loves you for the gorgeous young lady you are
Psalm 27:10 says “Although my father and my mother have forsaken me, yet the Lord will take me up and adopt me as His own Child (AMP)”
I believe with all my heart that this is exactly what has happened to you, sweet girl
What happened to you is not love, but hate
No matter what anyone told you, Princess Leelah
God is not capable of hate
Love is not something He simply does
May our loving Heavenly Father give you a Heavenly body befitting of royalty.

*Image Credit: Google Images



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