The Best Deals on Laptops This Year (Circa 2012)

This was written while I was at Yahoo Summer/Fall 2012. This was a paid article. Pricing may be inaccurate for current laptops.

The Best Deals on Laptops This Year

When you’re shopping for a new computer, there is a lot to consider. Price, memory, and your personal computing needs are all important factors to think about. The decision can be daunting. Hopefully, this piece will help guide you toward the right decision for yourself & your family, while making the process less stressful. Let’s get started.

MacBook Pro with Accessories from QVC

If you love Apple, check out QVC’s current offer on the new MacBook Pro. They offer a bundle that includes a 13.3” MacBook Pro laptop, software, and a host of accessories. This bundle is offered at an inclusive price of $1,699.99. Any QVC customer can use QVC’s “easy pay” option on this Mac & other products. Details about this offer and Easy Pay are on . I have personally purchased two laptops from QVC and been exceedingly happy with them. The company has excellent service & their machines run wonderfully.

Hewlett Packard (HP)

Wal-Mart has a great economic bundle if you’re a student or business person in the market for all the tech basics you’ll need for high school, college, or a small office. Wal-Mart’s online HP bundle offers a 14” touchscreen HP that runs Windows 8. The basic bundle will run you $376.99. It includes a case, a printer, and a USB flash drive. Wal-Mart also gives customers the option to add software & other accessories. I can personally speak to the longevity & reliability of HP’s. I love mine & have never had a problem with it.

Dell called Dell’s 14R-54–37 laptop “…a desktop replacement laptop that can go the distance.” This computer apparently packs a major punch in terms of battery life. According to the reviewer, a single charge lasts ten hours. The system runs on Windows 8, holds 500GB of hard drive & 4GB RAM. It also has a touch screen and will set you back $649.00. This computer is available from Dell’s website. I loved my Dell also & would recommend HP or Dell to anyone.


Lenovo impressed PC Mag so much with their new Lenovo G580 that the tech magazine chose the economic but powerful laptop as their Editor’s Choice Laptop. At $479.90, it’s one of the cheapest laptops I’ve seen for this piece (and certainly,’s cheapest find). It runs Windows 8.

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