Monthly Review of August, 2016

What you think everyday more than what others see

Welcome to the NO. 1 edition of

ETHANFAILSUP — Monthly Review

Week 1 Mashup Aug. 5–12

Introduction, Documentation, Blogging, Storytelling, Journey, I-Corps, Journey, LSU, Alcohol, Health, Peer Pressure, New Orleans, Tulane, Goal-Setting, Self-Improvement, Digital Marketing, FailUp to Startup, Social Media, Listening, Interviewing, Customer Discovery, Sleep, Excitement, Presenting, Public speaking, Entrepreneurship, Problems, Confidence, Education, Validation, Training, Systems, Software Development, Engagement, Baltimore, Creative Entrepreneurship, Collaborative Entrepreneurship Network, Isolation

Week 2 Mashup Aug. 13–21

Self-Awareness, Documentation, Content, Value, Community-Building, Entrepreneurship Process, Communication, Why, Skills, Leadership, Moments, Gratitude, Mindset, Environment, Relationships, Family, Friends, Life, Social Media, Social Networking, Collaboration, College Entrepreneurship, VentureStorm, Paying Customer, Money, Self-Identity, Focus, Customers, Engagement, Interdisciplinary, University, Collaboration, Tulane

Week 3 Mashup Aug. 22–28

Investing, Idea, Pitching, Writing, Communication, Learning, Platforms, Entrepreneur Culture, Goal setting, Blogging, Values, Creative Freedom, Self Expression, Privilege, Racism, Opportunity, Personal Profile, Watson University, Courage, Education, Community, Entrepreneurship Training, Inspiration, Environment, Dreams, Community, Profiles, Perspective, Diversity, Boulder, Transitions, Organization

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