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What you do everyday more than what you do once in a while.

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September — Be Clear/Aware of What I Am Doing

This is the real first month of Watson life, besides going to classes and taking notes everyday, we also have a chance to meet many mentors and master course teachers.

The “1on1” section with these great and experienced people is always my favorite, because only the conversation in depth can really provide you the value and suggestions for your adventure as well as yourself. This kind of conversations also push me to keep tracking daily/weekly goals, because you have to take the advice and make some progress before the next meeting.

I am very lucky to have 2 great mentors who are working closely with the fields I’m passionate about, I feel really productive and clear about the next move about myself and my adventure.

What I’m Reading.

  1. The Small Big & 智能时代 (Intellectual World)

This month is not a good one for reading, because there are so many valuable events that I need to take time to write down, digest and apply into reality, I skip too many daily reading goals.

However, I finished The Small Big written by Steve Martin. The book basically introduces 52 small habits, mindsets or tips on how to make things better, smoother and smarter.

For example, I learned about

The Peak-End Effect

which means that our feeling are basically depending on 2 things: the peak time and the end time.

I have a lot of resonations especially when I got back from the scholar trip. What I can or will remember later will be the highlight or the ending of this trip. Like hot spring and santa fe sunset experience, and when we were back in Boulder playing Closer by Chainsmoker…

I also started Intellectual World by Wujun. The book talks about how big data and AI technology are going to redefine the whole world. Based on the history, the author makes a lot of bold assumptions about the future from a 20+ years Google developer perspective. I will share more insights about this book after I finish it.

2. Elon Musk — Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future

I started listening to this book again, especially after the explosion of SpaceX rocket. As I said, Elon has always been my №1 passive mentor in life, just by reading his experience and what he is doing right now, I will have so much positive energy every morning.

Elon also mentioned in a recent interview and speech that

by 2027, 1 million people will be able to do a round trip to Mars, which will only cost $200,000.

Stay real and stay bold man!

What I’m Thinking.

  1. Same experience, why other people will learn more from it? | Watson Week 1

Because there are so many restrictions and rules that the world doesn’t require us so but we put them on ourselves.

No one asks you to follow others.
No one says you cannot solve the problems the way you want it.
No one will give a fuck what you are wearing or how you dance.

Go do it!

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2. 3 Biggest Challenges & Fear | The Weekly Talk — Edition Nr. 6

Special guest invited in this episode — My roommate Ethan!

3. Why you can work on 99% of problems while sleeping? | Watson Week 2

Through conversations with Ethan, I know there is group in the states called Alcoholics Anonymous. The idea and community concept are kind of similar with Ethan’s project FailUp.

And after so many introductions, both of us felt that it’s more important to start doing it than talk all the day. You want to be en entrepreneur, not a wantreprenuer.

Based on scientific research, we can actually turn our sleeping hours to subconscious thinking time.

Never go to sleep without a request to your subconscious.
 — Thomas Edison
Your subconscious mind works continuously, while you are awake, and while you sleep.
 — Napoleon Hill

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4. How to literally get anybody’s email address and get connected | Watson Week 3

This is actually what we learn from our hard skills class. I put them together and create a system that you can follow to find and get connected with anyone.

If the guy haven’t replied you yet, be patience and proactive, I’m still waiting for the response.

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5. Time Management & Prioritization & Dancing | The Weekly Talk — Edition Nr. 7

How to balance the social event and your personal deep working hours, has always been a problem for me. Especially when I sign up for all the classes, and keep maintaining my system and goals, it’s becoming even harder to find that balance.

I talked about this with my mentors and also Watson facilitators and founder Eric. They all gave me a lot of advice and tips on it.

Some helped me to know myself better, some encouraged me to change the way to socialize, and Eric recommended his own way of prioritization. Now my calendar looks like this:

What I’m Doing.

  1. Coding Learning

Coding and product design have always been what I really want to learn, but never really set goals to learn it everyday.

This semester I set coding learning as one of the semester goal. The beginning of Sep went pretty well, I learned a lot about basic CSS and HTML languages and functions. However, the rest of the month is not that consistent with it.

Every time I went to Norlin Library, there’s always a 80-year-old man, sitting there and coding, which gave me a lot of energy.

Next time, I will go and have conversation with him!

2. WECRACK Curriculum

Thanks to my mentor’s pressure, I have an outline of the curriculum now. I know there are millions of problems in it, but I will not stop building it.

Mentor Michael gave me some great advice from his consulting perspective, which is super helpful.
Mentor Charles also talked about multiple working hypotheses regarding current situation.

I just attended a creativity workshop held by Scott Sherman. I really enjoy the whole concept, exercises and model. So I’m working on a 1-day creativity workshop curriculum these days.

3. Scholar Trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico

Sep 23 — Sep 28

We travelled from Boulder, Colorado to Santa Fe, New Mexico. This is my first time to camp in the nature. The biggest takeaway is to get more layers next time. It’s freezing cold at night in the forest.

We also got a chance to share our vulnerability with all the scholars. As more and more people stepped out and shared their story, I opened myself to share a story that I’ve never shared it with anyone else.

It’s one of the vital things in our life, but most people never take it seriously. Environment is an essential fact, first you need to find a group of people or individuals who would love to listen, accept and resonate.

What I’m Planning.

1. Chautauqua Cultural Event — Speaker

I talked with Chautauqua community couple weeks ago, and I’m going to share my story with Chautauqua community.

2. Maximize the opportunity to learn

I talked with one of our master course teachers — Joze Lopez yesterday. He really has his own personality but did help me solve some problems.

I was struggling with the decision after this semester before the conversation. Whether going all-in my adventure, or getting a job and experience first. I don’t want to be a motivation speaker without succeeding himself. So problem solved.

It’s hard to say what to expect next month, but keep maximize the opportunity to learn.

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“What you do everyday more than what you do once in a while.”

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