Weekly Review of Aug 22–28

What you think everyday more than what others see

Welcome to the NO. 3 edition of

ETHANFAILSUP — Weekly Check-In

Day 18 — What I learned from Dorm Room Fund (Investing, Idea, Entrepreneurship Process, Pitching)

Day 19 — Writing takes time (Writing, Communication, Learning, Platforms, Entrepreneurship Process, Goal-Setting)

Day 20 — Writing it out is like coming out (Entrepreneur Culture, Blogging, Values, Creative Freedom, Self Expression)

Day 21 — Privilege (Privilege, Racism, Opportunity, Personal Profile)

Day 22 — Watson University (Watson University, Courage, Education, Community, Entrepreneurship Training)

Day 23 — Choosing Friends (Inspiration, Environment, Dreams, Community, Profiles, Perspective, Diversity)

Day 24 — Embrace New (Boulder, Transitions, Organization)