Weekly Review of Oct 3–9

What you think everyday more than what others see

Welcome to the NO. 8 edition of

ETHANFAILSUP — Weekly Check-In


Day60 — Psychology in Business (FailUpWatson, Psychology, People, Management, Human Nature, Success, Negotiation, Personality, Social Psychology)

Day61 — Memorable Master Courses (AshokaU, Unreasonable Institute, Why, Mission, Meetings, Failure, Relationships, Mental Fitness, Problem)

Day62 — Changing Winds (Lean Startup, Testing, Prototypes, Learning, Mentorship, Family Support, Why?, Hopes, Dreams, Success, Mission, Dancing)

Day63 — DreamTank (Impact Measurement, Psychology, Entrepreneurial Mindset, Self-Awareness, Personality, Entrepreneurial Skills, Execution, Self-Confidence, Interpersonal Sensitivity, Beliefs)

Day64 — Learning from Boulderites (Tulane Alum, TechStars, New Orleans, Boulder, Brad Feld, Pay it Forward, Startup Culture, Psychotherapy, Storytelling, Prejudice, Racism)

Day65 — Asking Girls Out (Social Experiment, Risk, Fear, Girls, Love, Success, Failure, Definition, Perspective, Rejection, Rejection Therapy, Assumptions, Imagination)

GOAL REVIEW (Oct. 9th):

  • 20 Total Interviews, 4 SpeakUps, 15 Active FailUpWatson Users RESULTS = NOT MET

GOALS FOR NEXT WEEK (by Oct. 17th):

  • Ask 30 girls on dates? I want to focus on goals that are more related to my personal development, and easily measurable (see “my cry”)

My Cry:

I’m getting pretty confused about my goals. I don’t think these goals are good goals anymore. I don’t know what I should be measuring now. I want to measure what is most important to my learning, but again, I don’t know what is most important for me to learn and how to measure that. I feel a bit all over the place, doing a lot of things but it’s not clear why. Right now, my biggest fear is doing a lot and producing little.


  • Got to meet Erin & Teju, two people who I have looked up to from afar
  • Spent time with kids, they made me happy
  • A girl said yes when I asked her on a date

Can I have feedback on the following?

  • Goal-setting, how may I create better goals?
  • Learning, how may I determine what learning matters most?
  • Measuring, how may I better measure my learning & success?