Weekly Check-In of Oct 10–16

What you do everyday more than what you do once in a while.

Welcome to the NO. 2 edition of

THE REVIEW ARMY — Weekly Check-In

Deconstruction & Construction Week

  • Mentor Meetup with Charles
  • 1on1 with Sara | Funding & Curriculum
  • Teju’s Master Course | CEO of Unreasonable Institute, Inc. 30 entrepreneurs under 30
  • Erin’s Master Course and 1on1 | Co founder of Ashoka U
  • 1on1 with Mohit | Questions about WECRACK and after semester plan
  • BBQ & Chinese Food
  • Measuring the impact & working on the metrics
  • Started Rejection Therapy | Ask Girls Out On Dates, got 9 no and 1 yes
The more nos I get, the more successful I am.
  • Reached out for 4 people I really want to meet | Got 2 Yes
  • Speech & PPT for Chautauqua community
  • First Thanksgiving Holiday experience in the states, and it’s Canadian one. :)
  • Ethan’s mom request for access to THE REVIEW ARMY spreadsheet template.

Next week goals

  • Speech for Chautauqua community | Tuesday
  • 1on1 with Teju | Wednesday
  • 1on1 with Eric
  • Weekly Exercise: 2–3 day jogging, 3–4 day HIIT and 1 day-off.
  • Reading time +++++++
  • Follow up email to Jia, Kaitie
  • Keep building curriculum EVERYDAY
  • Keep the bedtime habit
  • Rejection Therapy -> Daily goal
  • Finish daily subconscious questions while brushing the teeth

Lesson Learned

  • Attempting and getting a NO > Success.
  • It’s not that hard to start the conversation.
  • Survivorship Bias
Failure lesson is more valuable than successful story. Have a critical mind while listening to successful people advice.