Weekly Check-In of Oct 31–Nov 6

What you do everyday more than what you do once in a while.

Welcome to the NO. 5 edition of

THE REVIEW ARMY — Weekly Check-In

The Start for VR Design

  • Finished my personal website design.
  • Finished NYC Parsons Design Program Application.
  • Get connected with Tim Urban | Blogger of WaitButWhy

(Didn’t get a chance to skype call, but asked some questions and he responded)

  • 1on1 meeting with George D | Assumptions & Connections
  • Sample of my VR website
  • Mentoring Session | connected with 11 friends around the world
  • My new mission statement, vision and values for WECRACK
  • 8/10 for last week goals.
  • Four Square Dance Video!!!

Next week goals

  • Bedtime updated | Wake up before 6
  • First thing in the morning — Reading
  • Rejection Therapy: Ask girls to Chautauqua and make dinner for them. | MUST
  • Work on Generation M theory
  • Learn how to use Unity
  • 60%-80% finished of my website coding | MUST
  • Post my monthly review of Oct before Wednesday
  • Meeting at Haiyan’s house | Tuesday
  • Skype call with Kate Mac | Wedneday

Lessons learned

  • You cannot follow your passion, you pick it up along the way. Don’t follow your passion, follow the lifestyle you want instead.
People care less about what specific job they do, but care a lot more about how they’re approaching the job they have.
  • Dieter Rams Design Rules (From design to being a person):
Good design is unobtrusive — Being Modesty
My personal website V1.0
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